inkbox tattoos

For a while I’ve been wanting to get another tattoo, but I am so indecisive of what I want. I change my mind every other day and I get bored easily so committing to a real one would be a bad idea. I only have one tattoo and got it in my late 20s on a dare that my then sister’s boyfriend paid for. First free tattoo why not? Since then I never had the itch to get another until recently.

I thought I could find another way to display that I am a taken woman by getting a small ❤ on my ring finger. I have a bad habit of not wearing my wedding ring and it’s so pretty too :/ . I wear and take off gloves at work so wearing rings feels unsanitary and gross, especially in these times right now. I did what most people do when they do not know something…I googled it. I think I searched up adult faux tattoos or something and violá Inkbox came up on my search engine. I read the reviews, checked out the tattoos, and they looked pretty legit. They have from minimalist to really detailed art, large, small, they have an array of various tattoos. You can customize if there isn’t one from the four thousand plus choices to choose from. I bought three, ironically none of which were intended for my ring finger lol. I did find one similar, but it wasn’t a finger tattoo so I placed it on my wrist instead to get an idea. The tattoos last about one to two weeks and are super easy to apply.

My cross tattoo on my hand was the first to go. Since I have to wash and sanitize my hands so much it wore off within a week and a half. The heart on my left wrist is slightly fading but still looks cool and my GRL PWR tat is still hanging strong. I still want a heart finger tattoo to try which I did find on the website recently. The other tattoos were fun to stunt in as if they were real, but besides the cross on my hand I wouldn’t get the others permanently.

It’s great for someone who does not have any tattoos and wants to give it a try. I recommend it, plus I love that it comes off within the one to two weeks. You either can buy more (which I intend to do) or get a real tattoo. The choice is yours.

xoxo Mel

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An artist at heart who loves to create and design. I simply want to share my ideas, thoughts, and images with the world. Come follow me. XOXO Mel

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