Be simply irresistible in black tights

Step aside sweater weather. There’s a new forecast coming this season: Black Tights. You can still bare it all; your legs of course with a sleek pair. This single layer will keep you looking stylish and comfortable. Nothing beats a black pair of sheer tights in my opinion. There is something about the peek-a-boo action that curiously draws all the attention to your legs. Feeling a little daring and risqué? I have two words for you, “Simply Irresistible” – Robert Palmer

If black sheer tights is not your cup of tea, have no fear; there are various types to choose from. The opaque black is great to wear if you have a dress or skirt with patterns of any kind. Why? It allows for an eye-catching contrast and pop to your outfit. Plus, this shade will attract the sun’s heat to your legs keeping you warm while making a fashun statement at the same time.

If staying warm is a priority, go for a pair of black fleece lined tights. Think of these as an upgraded version of black leggings with the obvious toe coverage. You will stay toasty in these. You want a little more flavor? Add a little intrigue by wearing patterned tights instead. Spruce up your outfit and put your legs on display with a pair that is subtle or really funky and wild. It really depends on your mood.

If you had to choose one pair, what type of black tights would you go for?

xoxo Mel

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