Attending my first blogger event and what I wore

I had the privilege of attending my first blogger event a few months ago. The story begins when I noticed a DM sent to me with a link to sign up from CT Bloggers Collective who high light all types of bloggers from CT. I’ve followed them for a while now and couldn’t believe I was asked to come. I instantly became nervous not only because it was an invite form them, but the event was themed “Holiday Glam” which I knew meant dress to impress. I knew I did not want to wear any ‘ole thing in my closet. Instead, I ordered the perfect outfit online. But, the odds were against me…I clicked on standard shipping by mistake. NoOoOoO!

The theme was making my head spin *over thinker alert*. All I thought about was sparkles and shimmer. YUCK. I am not a fan but I wanted to be appropriate for the theme. I had to come up with a plan “B”- quick. I had no choice; to the closet I went. After many saved inspo Pinterest looks, I decided to go with a thrifty option.

*(cue the dramatic music)*… I went with…. an oversized black blazer, a pair of men’s black dress pants, my small black velvet bag, and black sock booties. All black thrifted errthang except, the sock booties. To incorporate the theme into my outfit, I kept it light with a gray sparkly bustier bodysuit and sparkly earrings. It was just enough sparkle for me. I was missing one thing though. A trusty friend to bring. I hit up my girl who is a photographer and does some modeling on the side to come with me. Thank God she was agreeable because I knew if she couldn’t go I would not have attended.

December 13th was the big day and it came quick. As I was getting ready, I made sure my phone was charged. I wanted to do the blogger thing; flood my stories of obnoxious footage of the event. Hair did – check. Outfit on – check. I’m ready to go. Once we we got there I realized I never charged my phone correctly and it was only on 15%. What an amateur. At this point, all I could do was laugh at myself…hahaha (my nerves took over). I went full speed into the bathroom to pee while fixing the girls a couple of times to make sure Sherina and Katrina stayed in place.

We entered; I did not know what to expect. The venue was cute and bright. There were all different types of bloggers and creators. I was super awkward and shy. I did what I knew best which was to cling to my friend for dear life. The food was calling my name when we got interrupted and were asked if we wanted some kind of deliciousness from dunkin’ donuts. It was free, so why not? We were led to a table where they were handing out free Korean skin care beauty products. I was all in…say word. We got a goodie bag and everything girl (ooooo sookie sookie naw). The venue was filled with clothing, candles, and paintings. It was a new world and I felt lost in it. We both did. But, the food was free.

I was too nervous to go to anyone and chat. I did make a connection with a lovely Puerto Rican artist who makes fashion style cards, wedding invitations, and drawings. She is a beast and was so lovely to talk to. She had such a great personality. Her IG handle is @yari.d_illustrations. I made several laps around, stuffed my face a few times, and wondered who did what because I was too nervous to talk to anyone else. First impressions; everyone was chillin’ and having a good time. It was an opportunity to get my feet wet in this whole blogger thang.

I’m so awkwardly shy that I often close off in settings like this. I’m working on getting better though. However, I enjoyed the whole event and the moments were a great experience to put myself out there in the blogger community. I’m hoping to come out of my shell more and continue to attend more blogger events like this. It was a great way to start.

xoxo Mel

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