Winter layering a skirt outfit

Who says skirts can only be worn for the Spring and Summer months? Nope. Skirts can be worn all year around – freezing months included. The question is what are you wearing underneath? The secret is in the basics of layering. Layering will keep your tookus warm without sabotaging your outfit.

First things first, I recommend finding a full-body leotard body suit. I’ve seen many women wear them as is for Summer and now for winter it is great for layering. This will save you from turning into a popsicle in the winter months. I have an old one from Fashion Nova that I’ve worn around the house or used as a layering piece underneath my clothing. You can literally find these anywhere. The material is deceiving, lightweight, and thin. It’s easy to assume the leotard won’t keep you warm but believe me it does. It acts as an 8th layer of skin.

If the full body leotard is not your jam, you can always wear insulated leggings which also do the trick. The full body leo is wonderful. HOWEVER, when nature calls and a girls gotta pee it can get problematic. There have been moments when I have worn the leo and find myself naked in a public bathroom stall covering my goodies as I voided. It is definitely an awkward moment for sure. I completely understand if the full body is not for you.

…….Back to the leggings

The leggings need to be complimented with an undershirt to simulate a full body leotard without the awkward peeing-naked-in-a public-bathroom-stall incident. The heat must remain contained.

Plus girl, we are not done yet. Knee high socks are highly recommended as well. Build those layers. The objective is warmth. When I was younger I used to hate wearing long socks. Now, I love them and wear them all winter long. You will not catch me in ankle socks when it is cold. No thank you. There is no need for sexy ankle action right now during the cold. It is freezing out; leave that for Spring and Summer.

Another add on to layers is incorporating a small T-shirt or long sleeve shirt underneath. It is important to make sure the garment is a fitting one to avoid the weird bunched up look that sometimes can happen. You do not want it to show through the outside of your clothing and become the focal point of your outfit. Keeping it snug underneath is key.

Turtle necks are the mother of layering pieces and can be worn under sweaters, tops, T’s or alone. I choose to layer my cropped sweater with a basic turtle neck with all previous layers mentioned above. I paired my plaid wool midi-length skirt and knee-high boots to create the added warmth.

It is important to remember when dressing for the winter months to dress “smart.” What I mean by that is…you can wear a skirt in the winter. It can be done, but choose winter friendly items such as a midi skirt vs. a mini-skirt. Assess the material. Fabrics such as wool, corduroy, fleece, and tweed are great winter appropriate fabrics. Do not wear something that may cause your layering to go in vain.

Quick Recap

  1. A full body leotard to start with PROS: you stay warm CONS: bathroom issues later
  2. (not feeling that) Insulated leggings can be another option ALWAYS worn with a tank undershirt on top
  3. Long knee high socks are a plus ( no sexy ankles )
  4. A T-shirt or long sleeve shirt with a snug fit: keeps you warm, comfy, and less noticeable underneath clothing
  5. A turtleneck is a great staple layering piece
  6. Keep in mind winter appropriate fabrics
  7. Long length clothing such as long boots, midi skirts, and coats will help to keep you warm
  8. Stay away from clothes that can make layering difficult or in vain

Wearing a skirt for winter is possible with a few modifications in between.

xoxo Mel

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