Sunday Church Notes

  • PRAY for PEACE
  • LOVE each other EQUALLY
  • our LIFE must reflect the ❤ of God
  • God does not make an exception of persons

We are light when we LIVE and INCARNATE through CHRIST

  • PRAY
  • PLEAD with God

For Who?


IMPORTANT to pray with purpose and give names

there are many who no one prays for

Why do we pray?

  • to humble and make our self vulnerable before God
  • SEEK HIS face
  • to SEEK is intentional
  • if you do not know what you are looking for anything you find you may find to be sufficient
  • to seek requires a plan
  • INVEST your time in seeking God

What does God want?

  • to talk to HIM
  • to pray to HIM
  • to seek HIM
  • to be humble

Areas in your life will transform and although you won’t notice it, the people around you will

He hears us

He desires a relationship with us

go to the secret place…

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