Continued blabber and first OOTD for 2020

Happy January 1st. It is officially the year 2020. How crazy is that? As a kid I thought by the time 2020 hit we would be living like the Jetsons. But nope not there yet. Did everyone enjoy their New Years Eve celebrations? This ole lady spent it in bed eating apple strudels and KO right before midnight. Mind you I was kid free this year. I have more fun doing nothing and stuffing my face with something sugary. Now that is my kind of party.

Today, I woke up at 9:15 am which is super late for me. I’m usually up by 6:30ish, sleeping in for me is 7:30, so 9:15 was L-A-T-E. I did the most cliché thing for the first day of the year. I took my butt to the gym. I swear I’m not on some new year new me shit * side eye LOL. I woke up refreshed and wanting to sweat. I do my usual gym routine which consists of the elliptical for 15 minutes, hip abductors for as long as I can tolerate, some leg exercises that are brutal, so brutal I can’t remember the name of it. The stair climbers though, are my jam. You instantly sweat its great. Last, but not least the treadmill….walking of course…this girl does not run (unless absolutely necessary). Add all that up and I was there for about an hour. I think an hour is max for me at the gym. I tend to get bored easily on the machines and my mind starts to wander. I have the attention span of a toddler. I loose interest quick and by then I am jetting to my car to be out. I am hoping and praying I can repeat going to the gym tomorrow, but we will see. I am pretty lazy when it comes to exercising.

Enough of the blabber, let’s get to the OOTD part. Since we were going to spent it outdoors I needed to do some major layering. Lined leggings, long socks, an undershirt, and a T shirt all worn underneath my clothes. I went comfy, surprise, surprise and wore my faux leather leggings, doc martens, a turtle neck, and this humongous teddy bear dress that I wear as an oversized sweater, with my long wool coat, and hat. I have to brag a little now. My wool coat was a goodwill find. I got her for $24. I love that thing. Its a great staple piece and I can wear pretty much everything with it, casual or dressy.

I took my thrifted find out in the brick weather and she did not fail. I stayed warm as we came across a cute little area in Rhode Island called Wickford Village. It’s an old New England town dating back to the 1700s. My kind of vibe. I’m like 85 years old on the inside LOL. The houses were beautiful. We walked up and down the strip and back to the car. It was freezing, plus everything for the most part was closed. You can tell this section of town gets a lot of foot traffic in the summer because of its scenic views. I will need to pay a visit when it gets warmer for sure.

For the most part, my day was chill. I have no complaints. It was a nice way to spend the first day of the new year. Happy 2020.

xoxo Mel

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2 thoughts on “Continued blabber and first OOTD for 2020

  1. Hi !
    Happy New Year!
    Only happiness for 2020
    May it be as conducive to the realization of all your projects…


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