Why Sweater Dresses are “it” for Fall and Winter Weather

The days are getting shorter and the nights are chillier. I’m not sure officially when winter will arrive, but it is getting close. Cozy should be your middle name as the cold months approach. What is cozy in your closet? Have you considered a comfy knitted sweater dress like this one from Asos?

This item was out of stock, but it’s back on baby! Don’t waste your time get your hands on her, like now! If this one isn’t to your liking they have plenty more on their website. Just a quick side note: take into consideration sizing down if possible. The one I bought runs big. Not all run ginormous, however I should of went down a size. Avoid this by reading the reviews and/or fabric details! I should of practiced what I’m preaching 😛 .

You see what had happened was… the dress was out of stock for a hot minute. I impulsively bought the dress when it was restocked without doing my research primero. In my world it’s no biggie (no pun intended) considering I’ve worn stuff 6xs my size so is all good. I’ve always said it is easier to style a piece when its larger in size then smaller. Too small? Your hit and prepare to think of other ladies that may benefit from the smaller size. I despise the whole process of returning things through mail. That is definitely a con when online shopping. Other than that I love this snuggly dress.

This oatmeal color is great for fall/winter because of its neutral color palette. You can pair it with any colored or patterned boots your heart desires. I decided to go with an orangy brown croc print from Asos as well. I love the color combos of the boots and dress. I kept it gaudy with a thick chain and earrings. My Nike socks gives it enough peekaboo action to see the check from the shoe. My sturdy purse was a great buy from Savors.

Did I mention how flattering a sweater dress is, oversized or not? They are super easy to style. Just one slip and done! In the cold months make it your staple layering piece. Sweater dresses take on the chic way to remain in a relaxed, but fashun vibe. The fabric is heavy, so staying warm for fall and winter will not be an issue. The styles and silhouettes are endless. Here are some other sweater dresses that caught my attention on Asos.

Dress 1 (Top Left) Bershka roll neck sweater dress in camel

Dress 2 (Top Right) ASOS DESIGN cable knit mini dress with volume sleeve

Dress 3 (Bottom Left) Only sweater dress with roll neck and cable detail in cream

Dress 4 ( Bottom Right) ASOS DESIGN cable sweater with shoulder detail

There’s a lot more where that came from. Go take a peek and find which sweater dress style fits you best. You will not be disappointed. Nothing can beat this 2 in 1 hybrid piece for the changing seasons. You get the best out of both worlds by staying warm and stylish. Here’s how I decided to style mine. What do you guys think?

xoxo Mel

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