the tailored red blazer set in film photos

This set is the lazy girl’s dream. Ready, set, wear. Aaaahh, so polished and put together without even trying. Never mind the infinity of looks you can create if you decide to wear it as separates.

Plan on getting multiple uses out of this one. This set is a forever flow of versatility. Go for a casual day look or night out. This bold red from asos will make you stand out in the workplace. No matter how you wear it, you will be one stylish queen.

The color alone can be worn for most holidays. The red is perfect for your special someone on Valentines day, add some pops of green to keep the Christmas spirit alive, a sparkly shoe or top for New Years will make you shine bright.

This time around I decided to go for the comfy route. It shouldn’t be a surprise. I am the queen of comfort. I like to think of myself as a casual person with added flare.

Nothing beats a comfortable pair of nike air max like these. I wanted a shoe with some red in it. These were perfect because of the other added pops of color which created more interest to the outfit. A simple black tube top, nike socks, and layered jewelry tied in the rest of the look.

If you haven’t noticed already asos is my go to when online shopping. They have it all including these stylish sets. They are great for any occasion. Separates or as a whole you can never go wrong.

xoxo Mel

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