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Hey peeps!

Hope everyone is having a great day! I’m keeping today’s post short and simple. I wanted to share with you guys some pics I took with my photographer friend Joshua Jordan. He approached me with an idea to shoot an 80s inspired glam rock look. I loved the idea and immediately went into Pinterest to look for some inspo.

While researching I noticed a lot of black metal belts, terrible make up, and lace, hence the black lace gloves I wore from Amazon. . It’s a bit dramatic as I attempted to exaggerate my poses. Difficult to say the least, my dress was 4 sizes too small. I had an old bridesmaid dress size 4 hanging in my closet that I thought would work for the look I was going for. Surprisingly, I was able to squeeze myself into the dress without tearing it. Mind you I’m a size 8 now! I added a whole bunch of belts (from Goodwill) to create a rocker girl look. Combed my curls out and discovered I was channeling a late 70’s Diana Ross instead lol.

Which ever decade I was trying to go for I loved the way it turned out. I hope you guys like it too!

xoxo Mel

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An artist at heart who loves to create and design. I simply want to share my ideas, thoughts, and images with the world. Come follow me. XOXO Mel

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