Halloween inspired look: self portrait

Happy Halloween Everyone!

I come to you with a Halloween look for 2019. No clothes needed for the making of this look just paint brushes, body paint, a mirror, and yourself as the canvas. I cannot take the credit for this genius “costume” idea. It was definitely right up my alley being that I am obsessed with anything art related. I used to paint and draw a lot as a kid so when I saw this it literally blew my mind and I had to recreate it.

This look is inspired by the Halloween queen herself Nicole Guerriero. She is an amazingly talented makeup guru on YouTube who is known for going in on her Halloween looks.

For this look I used the CCBeauty Professional Face Body Paint Oil palette that come in a set of 12 colors. This palette is a great dupe of the Makeup Forever Flash palette which I believe can run a little over $100. I purchased the CCBeauty on Amazon for about $25. Big difference in price point, it comes with a set of paint brushes for you to start with which I thought was awesome, and the reviews were great (4.5 out of 5 stars).

The colors are super pigmented which is a major PRO, but there is a slight CON. Since it’s an oil based paint it is very difficult to remove. At one point my skin was the color of Barney, the purple dinosaur. I seriously considered texting my boss to explain to her why her employee would be purple for the next day. Two and a half hours later of being in the shower, my face raw, with paint still left as evidence. Nothing that a little makeup didn’t help this morning, but my arms and chest are still rainbow colored. So be prepared to scrub a dub dub if you use this stuff. The directions read to use olive oil upon removal, but it really didn’t help much. I literally used every thing we had that was soap related to wash this stuff off. Other than that I highly recommend it LOL.

Creatively I loved recreating this look. I played classical music and I went to town in my own little world. It was the best feeling ever. So here it is guys my self portrait costume idea for Halloween.

xoxo Mel

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An artist at heart who loves to create and design. I simply want to share my ideas, thoughts, and images with the world. Come follow me. XOXO Mel

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