Wear it 3 ways: The Slip dress

Ladies have you ever bought a fire dress for a party, look smoking hot to never use it again because in that very same night you flooded all your social media feeds with a million selfies, full body pics with you and your girls? You blessed everyone with the slayage. Fast forward to present time, you have another gathering to attend, but feel like you have nothing in your closet to wear. It’s back to the store to buy something else ‘cuz sis can’t be pictured in the same fit twice. I wish I could see the show of hands that have done this a million times before…myself included.

Circa my early to mid twenties, the club, house party days. I made it a habit, IDK why to never be caught dead ( it was that serious) in the same outfit twice if I was pictured in it. If I got invited somewhere new and I had to look fly, there would be a brand new fly outfit to go along with it. I feel like that’s an unspoken rule we made up as women. Why do we add so much pressure to be so stinkin’ cute? It has to be pure paranoia. Like someone would care enough to point it out and be like home girl wore the same outfit 8 months ago.

Nobody cares or cares enough to count how many times you wore that dress that made your booty pop. Wear it again. If you look good it makes you feel like a million bucks wear it every day if you want to ( make sure you wash it from time to time though).

What I’ve learned is wear the same thing but rock it differently each time. Yasssss. Don’t waste your time and money. If your still low key paranoid, its okay, take your 7,832 pics for the world to see. When you decide to post the slay there may be a sense of dejavu but not enough to remember exactly. Trust.

Need examples? No problem. Here is my version of wearing a slip dress 3 different ways.

outfit 1: keeping it causal

For the first look I wanted to make sure I could spend my whole day wearing it without itching to change into a pair of sweat pants like I normally tend to do. The dress alone gives off a sexy vibe. I wanted to tone it down by keeping the look simple. A basic white T shirt layered underneath would do the trick to give it a more relax feel and look. Adding light touches of statement pieces like my pleather motto jacket, patent oxford style shoes, and leopard print micro bag to compliment the chill vibe. This is great for running errands, chillin’ with the girls, or a comfortable church outfit that you can actually remain in for the rest of the day. Comfort over everything.

outfit 2: fancy somewhere

I think the title alone is pretty self explanatory. This slip dress is a hot mama vibe. She sexy. Remove the white T, switch out the comfy oxfords with heeled snake print mules, a 90s vintage shoulder bag, and a tan blazer coat to keep warm on chilly nights. You are all set for a night. I didn’t want to go crazy with the jewelry being that the dress is such a statement piece alone. I wore a simple pair of stacked drop earrings with similar color tones in the outfit and slicked my hair back in a low bun to show off the earrings. Surprisingly this was another comfortable look.

outfit 3: layered over

Originally, I planned on layering a mock turtleneck underneath the dress like I did with outfit one. This was the last look to shoot. Changing in the car rushing to not loose the golden hour I happened to have a light bulb moment. I decided to change my original look by creating the appearance of a midi skirt instead by layering the top over the dress. It was an approved idea by my 9 year old so I had no choice but to go with it. I’m glad I listened. Reptilian feels from head to toe. Knee high chocolate brown boots with my hair wild and free while feeling like a chocolate milk dud. I think it worked out pretty well.

That wasn’t so bad now was it? You paid good money for it get good use out of your clothes. Remember change it up by making it look completely different doesn’t count as wearing the same outfit twice.

xoxo Mel

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