Sunday OOTD and blabber

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was filled with doing absolutely nothing besides the usual cleaning, sitting on my arse watching dead files, and eating chocolate. Lately, I’ve been really into watching ghost stories on TV. I guess it’s fitting being that Halloween is around the corner. I’ve always had this fascination with hauntings and the paranormal. As a kid I had this weird obsession with walking around in a cemetery. I found them to be very beautiful, but spooky at the same time. My favorite thing to do was look at the oldest graves and read the year of the inhabitant’s birth and death. I’d stare at the dates and imagine how they were when they were alive, how they once dressed, and if they were good people. I grew out of that obsession luckily. I no longer stroll around in a graveyard just for fun. I’m content with just admiring it from a far. I’d rather watch something ghoulish on TV instead while stuffing my face with raisinets. That’s my fun.

All this talk about Halloween and spooky things there’s no sign of it weather wise. Can I get a woop woop (* jay-z voice)…September is almost over its still sunny in the mid 70s. CT has been blessed with beautiful weather and I ain’t mad at it. Not sure how long it will last, but your girl is still wearing biker shorts and T’s. Speaking of clothing and wearing them, today was another glorious sunny day. Sunday.

Summer dress in tow Good Willie style, six dollar holler, and it fit like a glove. It was the usual 90s dress with button detail going down the middle with a key hole neckline. Midi style, open slit, and so pretty I scored again with this beauty. This was my Sunday OOTD. Disclaimer I wore this dress for church. I’d say from today’s experience this is not a church appropriate dress. The slit was pretty long in front. I didn’t realize it until I sat down. If it wasn’t for my spanx the goodies would of been out on display. I was a little uncomfortable because I sat next to an old lady whose glares were burning holes in my legs. I swear side eye every 10 seconds. Lesson learned. Don’t wear a dress with a long slit while sitting next to old church ladies. She was cute though. Besides side eye from the cute old lady I did receive many compliments. It’s definitely a lovely dress to wear any where else besides church.

xoxo Mel

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