Sunday OOTD

Normally, my Sunday OOTDs involves me in something cute, but comfortable preferably in an even comfier pair of sneakers. Church is really the only time I can or should dress up. My Sunday mornings are always hectic. Its like a school day for me which consists of me screaming, rushing, threatening to pour cold water on the kids if they don’t get up. I always wake up Sunday morning with the intentions of being on time instead of 15 to 30 minutes late like most of the time.

I do not do well with time management. I blame it on my Hispanic culture. We are late for everything. You tell us 5pm that actually means 7pm. Always add an hour to two hours when trying to make plans with a Puerto Rican. To be fair I will speak only for myself. I have only met two Puerto Ricans in my life time who are always on time. My friend J, in her defense she’s married to a white man who she herself has said and I quote, “girl the only reason why I’m on time now is because I’m married to a white guy” -end quote. My friend’s parents have also mastered it along the way some how. I say its their wise years.

So where am I going with this? Oh, yes, this time in this particular outfit I wasn’t late. Idk how it happened. Maybe God was like ” not today heffer .” It was an act of God and strangely enough I decided to wear heels this time around for church. I’m thinking by now you guys are pretty aware of how comfortable I LOVE to be. If you’ve been reading my blog for sometime its not rocket science.

This day I took a fancier route and wore my cute little neon green sling backs. Low heel and from Goodwill 🙂 I must say these were the first pair of thrifted shoes I bought for myself this year. I felt like I reached the level of thrifting professionally when I finally got a pair of shoes from Good will. The excitement level was high was high that day.

The rest of my outfit was a Forever21 purchase. Originally, I had date night in mind for this fit, but that didn’t happen so I figured it’s appropriate enough for church so why not. My favorite part is the floral pink midi skirt. So in right now and such a great transitional piece for fall. For the top I decided to go for this beige off the shoulder with button down detailing in front. Also on trend and a great piece I can continue to wear for the fall as well. You know how I do for accessories I love to layer necklaces. I kept my pearl purse by my side and I was good money.

With the cutest thrifted shoes ever I must say this has to be one of my favorite Sunday OOTD thus far.

xoxo Mel

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