A very vintage wedding guest lookbook

Love is in this heat as we know these sunny months are also known as wedding season! Great for the guests, nerve racking for the bride, groom, and whoever else is dishing out the dollars for the wedding. The day is getting closer for you to strut your stuff on the dance floor while wearing your best attire. Hair, check. Make-up, check. Outfit? *crickets….okay, okay so you got invited to this beautiful wedding about a year ago and still haven’t bought your outfit? Tisk, tisk smh. Girl what are you doing!? Do you like the overwhelming feeling of not having an outfit and possibly meeting the guy of dreams or for the night to get down with on the dance floor? Ohhhhh what’s that? No dollar dollar bills y’all? Yea I feel you. Thank goodness you got me to tell you that you don’t have to break the bank to look fly as a wedding guest. You will spend enough money on the gift for the bride and groom.

Yes you already know thrift it baby. Call me cheap, but I worked hard trying to serve these looks to prove to y’all that you can thrift an outfit for any wedding.

Case in point look numero uno.

The Casual Beach Wedding

Or the Julia, as in Julia Roberts, Pretty Woman. I had no intentions of channeling a prostitute turned glam goddess. This oh so comfy dress is from another thrift shop I slightly drool over called sifted clothing. Another lovely online shop to buy some one of a kind vintage goodies. This dress is an 80s masterpiece with deep pockets. Deep enough where all you need is your phone and cash for the bar. No purse needed if not desired. The color is a rich burnt brown/orange with an all over polka dot pattern. How cute and fun is this dress!? Can you just hear the excitement in my voice as I’m typing away? I’m hyped right now. Hence “casual beach wedding” I paired this beauty with the belt that conveniently came with the dress along with my brim straw hat from Asos.com. I figured beach, the sun, a stylish hat is needed. Not only for FASHUN but for practicality as well. Heels is a no in my book for a beachy wedding. I learned that a few years back when I decided to wear 4 inch heels in the sand. Bad idea. If ever invited again to another one I would opt for a flatter option like these sandals, another Asos buy. What I love about this look is the detail of the mix prints between the shoes and dress. I went a little gaudy with the jewelry which created more interest to the look. These lion earrings are from boohoo and my necklaces are a mix between Forever21 and Asos.

The Barn Wedding Guest

Barn weddings can be so beautiful and quaint. Why not match the style in a lovely floral 90s dress like this one from good ‘ole Goodwill. I know I blogged about how to style an oversized dress not too long ago, however that rule does not apply in the case of this dress. It was under $10 I believe. It was a size 14 and I was literally swimming in it. I looked like I was wearing several sacks of potatoes. Luckily I have a seamstress friend who was able to take it in a significant amount and remove a lot of the fabric. I fell in love with the vintage floral pattern and sweet heart neckline. I wanted to show a daintier side so I paired it with pearl clips I got in the beginning of summer from Amazon. These cute brown block heels continues the vintage feels not only because they were another Goodwill purchase $10 to be exact, but the style of the shoe itself gives off a vintage vibe. My pearl purse which I frequently wear is from Forever21.

The Formal evening wear

Sifted clothing is one of the best for vintage clothing (my opinion of course). I got this floral ruffle 90s dress along with these half circle black earrings. The total cost was around $30 for both. Its not my normal price range especially when shopping for thrifted items, but a girl wants what she wants. The good news is you will be in something no one else will have. I paired her with a small black velvet purse (goodwill) and the worst best looking rope heels from Asos. Ugh my feet were screaming for their freedom. That is the worst part of it all 😦 😦 😦 you buy a bangin’ pair of shoes, on sale may I add, and its like walking on fire. It’s so disappointing 😦 . I’d wear them to stunt in alongside a pair of slides to dance and walk like a normal human for the rest of the night. Sadly, these shoes are good for taking pics in only.

You see that wasn’t too bad was it? It’s not necessary to break your budget to look just as gorgeous as the bridesmaids! With a little time, maybe some tweaking you can find the perfect vintage dress for you while still looking smoking hot at the wedding.

xoxo Mel

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