Hot girl summer fit

Hey ladies and gents its me again!

Today I wanted to give you an outfit idea for a smoking hot date night with your partner. I’m calling it my #hotgirlsummerfit. Hahaha, yes you heard right. This is how I felt in the dress at least. Feeling myself just a little…maaaaaybbbbbbeeeeeee…who the hec wouldn’t in this little number? Guess where it’s from? Nope not Good Will….Forever21.

Forever21 was my first online shopping experience. I started shopping at this brand when I was in my early 20s. Over the years, I’ve had a love hate relationship with it to be honest. For me, they became a little cheapie in their quality to the point where I stopped shopping there. As you grow in your style sometimes you outgrow the brands as well. There’s been a lot of change in my style evolution. Despite all this it is a good brand to explore your fashion style since it’s so reasonably priced. You won’t hurt your pockets here!

How did I end up here and with this dress? I went back to my roots circa 2009. On the real though I got curious and wanted to see what Forever21 had to offer. Quite a few things I must add. I did the occasional smh puckering my lips while blurting out a few okurrs as I scrolled down. Forever21 upgraded on their quality. Of course some things looked a little suspect, but that’s with a lot of clothing brands now a days. Hence one of the reasons why I love to thrift (the quality is 100% better and original) in my opinion.

I was looking for a satin dress to be super cute in for summer. Of course my thoughts were sneakers with this dress (I’m a believer in being stylish but comfy). I had to sing another tune when I tried it on for the first time. The model online gave me the impression that the dress would sit loosely on my body. That was not so much the case. The dress was very fitted to my body. Not a bad thing, but it changed my thinking in terms of styling it. A fancy date night, a prom dress, or maybe even a wedding guest dress (if you plan on upstaging the bride). JK people…JK. 😛 Either way you will be a baddie in this satin cheetah print dress from Forever21 aka breaking necks dress.

There is no escaping any flaws in this dress girls. When you wear it, wear it loud, wear it proud. Plus it makes the booty pop that’s always a plus. It’s $25.00 what can really wrong. Okay don’t answer that lol.

Side note: as we were shooting for this look, not going to lie, I felt like a fool. I looked like I was ready for prom. I just needed a corsage and a cutie. I was a little embarrassed being that everyone and their mother wanted to be outside while striking a pose. I hid a few times, but I survived.

Another side note: Enjoy the first picture. This was my shooting location isn’t it lovely?

xoxo Mel

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3 thoughts on “Hot girl summer fit

  1. A nice outfit for the summer!
    I really like this dress, that I could put for a cocktail in the evening …
    The aesthetics of your photos is superb, beautiful work



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