How to style a vintage piece with a modern twist

Now I know thrifting isn’t for everyone. Even I have come across some funky stuff I wouldn’t be caught dead in. Figuring out how to style an outdated piece can be a challenge. I think that’s why I find thrifting so intriguing. You never know what you are going to find and about 99.9% of the time you will go home with a unique item. The question is how does one style an ancient piece without looking like your still stuck in time? Its easy.

First things first, examine how you style your current clothing now. What trends are currently in that you can incorporate into your vintage piece? Think about it vintage clothing shouldn’t be that hard to style, especially when its a singular piece. A pair of jeans high waisted or wide leg are always fun to style, a cute pair of vintage shoes, and one of a kind tops are piece of cake piece of crumb cake! I’m talking about that old school granny print. That tatara abuela (great-great grandmother) fit she’d rock hard to get a man turned on when he caught a glimpse of her ankles. We talking older than dirt dresses! She is your stubborn Puerto Rican great-great grandmother reincarnated into that dress.

I actually have one of my own. It took me a minute meaning a very long time to figure out how to style her. So before the official introduction let me describe her to you. She’s a lovely medallion blue color, cinched waist, floral dress. With a pleated bottom and weird sleeves that kind of stick out of her. The top portion of the dress has silver buttons that button all the way up to your throat if you desire. Back in the day everything was covered…it was a look. She was sexy in her prime let me tell you. I actually did not buy her at Good will or Savors. I got her online from this cute vintage shop out of Atlanta, Georgia named more or less vintage . They really have some great items there. I saw my old lady dress and fell in love with the style. Looked great on the model, but when I got it I was shook to say the least.

I had no idea on how to style it at first. I thought maybe heels? Sandals? Buttoning the whole thing up? Ew no. This is me thinking out loud in writing so bare with me mi gente. After multiple tries and fails I had a light bulb moment: why not wear it with sneakers?! I know what you are thinking “wow so original Meli” (super sarcasm). This is what I mean to style it like you would with any of your current clothing. Make it fit your style by adding the modern touches in this case for me it’s sneakers. It’s trendy, it’s comfy, and it works for me.

I paired my Abuela dress with air force ones which is an iconic shoe if I do say so myself. I unbuttoned the top about midway down my chest, matched the silver buttons on the dress with silver bamboo earrings, and my adidas bag. I may get a lot of slack since I paired Nikes with Adidas, yes I know, but I liked the way the look came out. I say it gave it an even more modern twist adding different urban brands to the look. Just some simple touches changed the entire look completely into my own. So without further ado here’s my old Abuelita dress turned into a modern gem.

xoxo Mel

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