The Floral Edit

I am a sucker for a good print. One of my favorite prints in particular is floral. More like a slight obsession to better describe my love for this print! From a bright to gothic black any floral will do! Luckily, I’ve been blessed to find some good floral patterns at my local Goodwill. But when I am in the mood to what I call “splurge”…..QUICK DISCLAIMER this is coming from someone who buys items for $10 or less. So my idea of splurging may sound offensive to others so I deeply apologize ahead of time (a lot of sarcasm with this sentence). I shop at

Another go to favorite spot to shop Asos has everything to offer. Men’s and woman’s clothing with a flare for FASHUN. Asos is my holy grail of stores to shop at hands down when this chick isn’t thrifting. Sadly, there are no stores in the U.S or it would of become my second home away from home. To my knowledge they are a store/brand only in the UK. No worries though there is always online shopping. Great deals, great clothes, always has sales, which means my kind of language. I have added to my collection some cute dresses from there. My obsession for thrifting will always be along with Asos.

The Influence floral print wrap midi dress with ruffle was an eye catcher. Besides the mouth full of a name it has a beautiful floral pattern with ruffle detailing down the deep V shape neck line. The dress itself is a pretty turquoise blue which is one of my favorite colors, especially to wear for the summer months. The dress runs a little big, so down sizing wouldn’t hurt.

For me this dress screams easy breezy lemon squeezy great for any occasion really. That’s what is so great about floral prints. Its very diverse in the sense you can wear it anywhere. Super light weight, airy, and comfortable to move in. I loved how girly I felt in the dress, but at the same time because I love to wear kicks I knew I could get away with pairing it with a good sneaker. I ended up styling it with my Air max 97s ultralight in grape . These shoes were actually a present the hubster bought for me for my birthday back in January. It was meant to be to be honest. The colors of the dress matched perfectly with the colors of the shoe. That’s what made me love the dress even more!

So what you guys think? Is floral print your jam? LOL

xoxo Mel

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