Thrifting a sustainable movement

I’m sure y ‘all are sick of me talking about thrifted fashion. But girl, what are you doing with your life? Hop on the band wagon and just do it. Trends come and go. Does it make any sense to spend tons of money at retail stores? I mean if shopping full price is your thing then do you booboo. While you get that top for $39.99 I’m going to get me the similar one if not better for $2.99 at the thrift store. If you don’t know now you know I am an avid thrift shopper. I go about every other week. The thrift store has become my little haven of joy, my me time. Besides my obsession with getting cute things for dirt cheap I Melissa Guadalupe del Rio Lupita Caban DelValle Rivera is trying to live by the motto less is more. Remember I said trying LOL. I’m all about still having heavy pockets ‘cuz I only spent a fraction of the cost. I also want to attempt to live a more sustainable and environment friendly life through fashion.

Thrifting is a great way to stay sustainable for the environment because no new resources are needed. Re-wearing clothes reduces waste, pollution, and limits production of clothing which is also costly to the environment. It is also harmful to mother earth who continues to get a beating since the beginning of mankind. Factories that produce dyes and synthetic materials to make new clothing contribute to water and air pollution. The more new clothes you buy it increases transportation pollution because of long distances those cute pair of jeans or dope T will have to travel to get to you.

Helping the environment is one of the many reasons why the thrift life is the best life. You are also decreasing the production of possible illegal, underage sweatshops who pay individuals barely nothing to work long hours under harmful conditions.

The quality of clothing is much better as well. I’ve noticed through my thrifting journey that vintage clothing is way more durable than some pieces from my favorite big name retail stores. I’ve said it a billion times fashion is a revolving door. Don’t spend top dollar on the imitation when you can get authentic pieces for way cheap.

In all sustainable fashion is about being conscious of your purchases and giving the environment a helping hand. Find alternative ways to shop, rework your clothes, and tap into your creativity.

xoxo Mel

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