Shop for Less: UO DUPE

I love fashion and blogging about it. As a fashion blogger it can get a little expensive. It would be a little irresponsible on my part to constantly buy let alone pay full price for items. So I have learned along the way to still buy, but buy smarter. Since my introduction to Good Will I have been hooked. Every couple of weeks I pay a visit to what feels like my second home to see what goodies I come across. Long were the days where I burned holes through my poor pockets, paid full price, and cried alone in my room afterwards (sarcasm, but slightly true).

On my recent travels to Good Will I discovered another gem. A leopard print pencil dress with cutesy cap sleeves and button detail in the front. It was form fitting and a 90s vintage piece. I was in love.

I discovered the dress I found at Good Will is a dupe of a similar dress I found on Urban Outfitters.  The dress on UO is on sale. Call me cheap, but there was an even bigger sale at Good Will. I got my dupe of this Samantha leopard print button-front dress from UO for $6 at Good Will! There was a sale on all items 50% off all green tags. This dress originally was $12, but with the 50% off you do the math.

This is why my obsession for thrift stores continues to grow because 90% of the time you will find vintage pieces that are trending at the moment. Why pay full price for something? I have found items at thrift stores with far better quality than some top brands at times.

Shop for less and find unique pieces at the thrift store before paying full price for something.


from UO website
Originally $59.00 on SALE $ 29.99

Samantha Leopard Print Button-Front Dress


xoxo Mel

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