Best day ever

Can we just talk about how overwhelmed I was with joy because of how bomb my family is! Turning 33 was the best day ever. My heart is filled with so much love and appreciation that can last me a lifetime. I am so unbelievably blessed to have the family that I do. My kids, my husband are incredible. Let me just brag real quick about what I got for my birthday. It was the best day ever!

The lovely morning of January 15th I was awakened by the sounds of cheesy happy birthday music playing as my sweet family poorly choreographed a dance in my honor! It was hysterical! My son danced like he was in a Rico Suave music video, my daughter’s robotic movements and silly facial expressions made my day, and the hubby brought it back to his hip hop days waving his hands in the air like if he was battle rapping. I couldn’t feel any happier to wake up to see 33!

Besides the awesome dancing, the fam came through with the presents! My family really put a lot of thought into these gifts which made my day even more special.

These were the awesome birthday cards I received. My son’s card was the one that hit me the most. It was automatic waterworks from the moment I started reading. All I could do was embrace him, told him that I loved him a ridiculous amount of times, and cried some more.
My family knows me all too well. The way to my heart is through my disgusting sweet tooth. I’m honestly surprised that my teeth haven’t rotted out of my mouth with all the candy I consume daily. It’s bad. I am a chocoholic.

The Hubby came through with the air max ’97s. I was super surprised and pumped to be the owner of these bad boys. These colors scream spring and summer! I can’t wait to style them when the weather gets warmer. The best part is the hubster mentioned that he got these for me with my blog in mind. How sweet is that? Literally, my heart melted when he said that. He is such a sweetie pie. I am one lucky girl ❤ .
Here is a cute mug I got for my birthday to add to my collection. I love mugs! I am honestly obsessed with them! I want to look aesthetically pleasing when drinking a beverage. Don’t judge me.

The funniest thing ever was my daughter who made me these special one time use coopands (coupons) for me to use at my leisure. I must say I got some pretty good deals. I will try my best to not use them all on one day.

My favorite coupon LOL
BTW she did go to school 😛

How adorable is she? I love that kid!

I saved the best for last with the mother of all presents! This right here is fashion, creativity, and breath-taking all in one book. It is literally a bible for anyone who loves to create beautiful pictures. I was blown away, mouth dropped, almost passed out. Exaggerating a little bit, but I was over the moon when I held this book in my hands. I secretly wanted it forever, but never got the chance to make time to go purchase it. I am so in love you have no idea ❤ .

Besides the dope gifts. I spent the day with hubby and finished the night going to the movies with the fam to watch the sequel to Mary Poppins. The original was one of my all time favorite movies growing up. In the words of my husband, “this day was fiya.”

❤ Mel

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