OOTD: Layered T street style look

Hey Loves,

Today we are going to talk about a very easy way to still incorporate your favorite t-shirts throughout the chillier months. Not only am I a sweatpants kind of girl, but surprise, surprise I LOVE to rock a graphic or plain t-shirt. Who said t-shirts were only for the warmer months? Not for this chick! I will wear a t-shirt any time of the year. But the difference is in how you style it. 

It is quite simple actually. Lately, I’ve been layering my T’s with a turtle or mock neck underneath. It’s a fun way to showcase a piece that is normally worn in the warmer months, easily transformed into a layered fall/winter outfit. Not only can you layer with a turtle or mock neck, add more layers with a jean jacket, a cardigan, and/or oversized blazer. Maybe too much for starters? Alright, alright lets take it slow and start at first base with the layering.

Now if you haven’t realized it yet I am all about that comfy life. I love to be comfortable, but stylish. Since starting my journey with school the comfort levels have grown to an all-time high. My outfit choices for school have influenced my OOTDs outside of school. Right now, street style for me is where it’s at. I love the uniqueness, the layering, the mixing of patterns textures all in one outfit, and yes it’s super comfortable as well. I’ve mentioned it before my life changed when athletic wear and heels became a combo. YESSSSSSS to the fashion GAWDS! I am obsessed and have incorporated this trend into a lot of my everyday wear. 

Here is a simpler version of layering a t-shirt. Nothing beats a sweater, but this is my way to stay unique to my style while wearing one of my favorites pieces of clothing a t-shirt. 

This see-through mock neck underneath creates an edgy style. Adding a different texture can make the outfit look more interesting. It also gives it the street style look that I love. The mock neck was a handy down from a friend who had no use for it. My T was a Good Will find.

I kept the outfit super casual with always comfort in mind. I paired my orange T with olive green joggers, a fanny pack, and my black sock booties to complete my simple street style layered t-shirt look.

Hope you guys enjoyed this look! A simple layer can change a summer/spring top into a stylish winter/fall look. Stay warm and cozy by layering it up with a simpler piece or get fancy with multiple layers. Have fun with it!

Xoxo Mel

Outfit Deets:

T-shirt from Good Will

Mock neck handy down from a friend

Fanny pack from Boohoo.com

Joggers from TJMaxx

Sock Booties from Fashion Nova

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