Last minute costume idea: Frida Kahlo

Hey guys!

It’s been a hot minute I know. A million apologies, I feel like a scum bag for not blogging at all. It feels like forever and I miss it so f*#@ much, but school got me all messed up. It’s been a tough week for me I must admit. I’ve had a lot of ugly crying epsiodes, but your girl is still hanging on. I even delayed doing some homework to create this look. I felt so inspired by all the costumes from Pinterest and IG that I wanted to create my version of Frida Kahlo.

With Halloween, literally just passing I tried to post this look at least for the day of which was an EPIC FAIL. But whatever yo it’s up now!

Frida was a Mexican artist who painted portraits, self-portraits, nature, and dabbled into the political side through her paintings. She is a legend in her own right. A pop culture icon, even in death she continues to have an influence in fashion and the arts. She is super dope. Like Frida, we share some resembling traits: the unibrow and the ladytache. Of course, I handle mines. But Frida, my girl Frida, wore it proud and loud. Confident? Or maybe she didn’t give a hoot?

 I was able to transform myself with the power of make-up into my version of her. It was super fun and easy to create. I have naturally thick eyebrows anyways, all I did was fill them in and created the wispy hairs in the middle to create the uni LOL. I used an eyebrow pencil then went over it with a liquid liner making light strokes to create the hairs.

The crown of flowers was my favorite part to do. I bought a variation of fake flowers at Walmart, a plain black headband, and used a hot glue gun to glue the flowers onto the headband to my liking. This probably took about 10 minutes to do.

The hair was also an easy task. Take a ribbon or old scarf which I used. Cut it in half to the length of what your braid will be. Part your hair in the middle and section your hair in 3 parts to start the braid BUT before you begin, take your scarf or ribbon and tie it around the middle section of hair. Start braiding like normal, bring both braids to the top of your head and secure it with bobby pins. I ended up using the exposed ends of the scarf, tied it to the top of my head, and tucked it into the braid. Place the flower crown in the front of your braid.

The clothing and accessories were summer dresses I mixed together. I’ve had this seafoam green scarf forever so I draped it across my shoulders to look like a shawl. I loved the way everything flowed together. The floral earrings are from Forever21 and my necklace is from Walmart.

The outfit, hair, and accessories didn’t take long to put together. My make-up did because of all the steps that it entails, but other than that this Frida Kahlo look is a great last minute costume for Halloween or any costume party.

I hope you guys enjoyed and had a safe Halloween. This was an easy and inexpensive look to recreate. Until next time 🙂









” I paint flowers so they will not die” -Frida Kahlo

❤ Mel




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