Trend Alert: maximalist style the scarf chain print

Maximalist style has taken over fall fashion. Turn heads with this over-stimulating print. Be bold and experiment with the scarf print or also know as the baroque print from the 90s. Anything goes with this trend. Scarf it up from head to toe or start slow with an eye-catching print on a blouse. This maximalist style brings a new way to dress for fall fashion. Drop-kick the safety of neutral tones, polka dots, and stripes. Become fearless with this strong pattern. Elevate your wardrobe now.

This year’s runways seem to carry a similar theme; prints galore and layers of it too.  This trend will turn your simplest outfit into a statement no matter how you don it.


This is a huge comeback trend from the 90s. There is without question, you can find these types of prints at your local thrift store. I promise you. I did 🙂 . You can murder this trend without spending the ca-ching at the big retailers.

Here is my take on the scarf chain print trend. I didn’t want to go overboard dressed from head to toe, however, the goal was to make it into a wearable everyday look by calming it down with a regular pair of jeans. Notice there is a subtle “pattern” like or wash which I wanted, to keep the continued flow of patterns going in the outfit, subtle or not.



I decided to wear it half buttoned with a white sports bar exposed to create a nice contrast between the busy pattern and solid color. Also adding some layered jewelry and gold earrings that matched the pattern of the chain squares on the top.








I added another fierce pattern into the mix to show my version of a wearable maximalist outfit.


 I tied the whole look together, adding some texture with a velvet green quilted clutch.


The outfit is complete. Always add your own twist when trying out new trends. If you are not too comfortable start off slow and work your way into it. Remember confidence is key. Have fun with it!

Xoxo Mel

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