Style Hacks: The button-up shirt

Button-up shirts are so easy to wear. So easy that it becomes meh after a while, tuck it in, leave it out, done, tuck it in, leave it out, done. BORING….yawning just thinking about it. Somewhere in the world, some fashion guru discovered several ways, not one, not two, but many ways you can tie the good ol’ button up. Honestly, it’s a mini-game changer in how you can style this classic top.

button up shirt.jpg

I myself have dibbled and dabbled in tying my button-up different ways. It totally changes the look to your outfit. You will walk around like you know a thing or two about fashion. One of my favs is the cold shoulder top. My secret; buy an oversized top. You can get away with styling it because of the extra fabric. You can pull, tuck, and manipulate to your liking to create a non-traditional way of wearing a button-up shirt.

Re-create a cold shoulder top with a button-up. This has to be one of my favorite style hacks. It’s so easy to do its ridiculous.


Start with the top buttoned down half or more than halfway. Pull the collar of the shirt down by your shoulders. As you pull down, the front will rise up, and cover the girls.  Fold the top half of your shirt to make it look more polished and you’re done. You can tuck it into jeans, pants, or leave it out with some cute bike shorts.


Another easy way is simply tying the front of the shirt with a hair tie. Unbutton the top right where your belly button is or go higher if you chose. Tie the bottom half with a hair tie or use the shirt itself to tie it into a knot.


Too simple? Expose the décolletage a smidge to create more interest to your top. Don’t forget to add layered necklaces to prettify the plunge.  It’s such an easy way to re-vamp this shirt.


Another fun way to repurpose and style the button up; create a one-shoulder top. It may look like it took some time to create this look, but once again it is super easy. All you need to do is put your shirt on with one sleeve hanging from your armpit. Take the “free” sleeve and place it through the slot between the first two buttons.

One sleeve 1.jpeg

One sleeve 2.jpeg

Pull the sleeve through. Tuck into jeans to keep in place. Leave the top out like so or tuck it in for a modern way to style a sophisticated piece.

One sleeve 3.jpeg

Any unwanted flaps or extra fabric simply give it a quick tuck. Now you have a stylish deconstructed top.

One sleeve 4.jpg

Last, but not least the strapless is another great way to add more umf when styling the button-up. All you need to do is button your shirt starting from the third or fourth button. Make sure its a snugged fit across your chest to keep the top in place.

off 1.jpeg

Take your sleeves and tie it across your body like so.

off 2.jpeg

off 3.jpeg

Make sure you tuck any unwanted flaps and tie a knot to keep its new form.  Tuck into your jeans or leave it out if desired.

off 4.jpeg

It looks like a completely different top. Who would have thought you can create several looks with one shirt?

off 5.jpeg

Hope you guys enjoyed this style hack. Create a fun and fresh way to style your button up shirt.

xo Mel


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