Quick Life Update

Hi, my Lovelies!

So much has changed since my last post. Your girl is back in school! Trying to fit blogging is a challenge for me right now. It’s not easy trying to get back into the groove of student life, overall I am so freakin’ happy to finally get the ball rolling. Its been a long time coming. I must admit I miss writing and blogging. I may shift into some more lifestyle content since I am working on getting my edumacasion (sarcasm and joking) LOL. Just trying to stay encouraged and encourage others who are in the same boat. School is no joke. The wheels are still turning with ideas though. I even bought a small notebook to write all my post ideas down. Slowly, but surely I will continue writing.

Friday was my first day of class on campus so I figured I would choose my outfit carefully with a blog post in mind. Nothing special or fancy just my hubby’s super comfy sweatshirt from H&M, faux leather jacket from fashion Nova, a skort from Goodwill, and my comfy beige converses. I was going for the schoolgirl sporty vibes. In all, I just wanted to be super chill and relaxed for the first day.

Comfort was key with this outfit since I have a 4-hour class. To top it off we are in a small auditorium squished like sardines. The goal is to stock up on any athletic wear. It’s so in for fall why not.











Hope you guys enjoyed this look. I promise you will hear from me soon!





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