Sunday OOTD

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Here’s my Sunday outfit of the day. For those who are wondering if I really wore a crop top to church the answer is of course not.  I actually wore a white short sleeve bodysuit instead to stay within the church dress code. I changed my top when I got home for blog purposes and in “real life” I would honestly wear it like this.

This black mesh dress is a Forever21 purchase from a few months ago. I never pulled her out to actually wear before. In my wardrobe, she remained until now. Yes, I give objects “genders” LOL. Does anyone else do that?  Today was the day I was feeling a little adventurous with no cares in the world. Of course, side eyes included from the hubs, but like I said I was in a fierce unstoppable mood.

We still have some warm weather in CT so pairing it with a white crop top would do. I continued the casual vibes with jeans, heeled mules, and a black quilted backpack. The floral petals and tuille sweat heart style create a touch of girly sweetness. Mix a pinch of edge with a black choker and large simple hoop earrings for accessories.

My Sunday OOTD is complete. I am really looking forward to styling this dress as well for fall…maybe with a chunky knit or turtleneck, knee highs? What do you guys think?











Xoxo Mel

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