Summer Vacation makeup

Tickets are booked? The trunk to your car is packed and ready for the road trip? Which ever way you like to travel, packing light can seem more of a challenge then actually booking and planning your next vacation get away. I get it. However, packing your make up should be even easier.

Here’s what I learned about packing light when it comes to your make up for a summer vacation destination.

A quick routine goes along way. I have been the one to make others wait until I finished putting my face on. I’ve learned, sometimes, that doesn’t go well with others. Vacation is   limited time only. Spend your time wisely. Layers of thick make up + summer vacation = a melted smeared mess.

As a rule always prep and hydrate your skin. Whatever cleanser you use, moisturizer, and mist spray prepping your skin can go along way. How well your make up stays and looks on your face depends on how well you prep your skin first.

After skin care, prime your beautiful face. I prefer a blurring primer that will diminish pores and smooths out skin so you start off with a clean canvas.  This drug store brand from Maybelline NY Master Prime was a life savor. Right away my pores were minimized and face smoothed out, making my BB cream application effortless. My make up lasted throughout the whole day which is a vital component I look for in a good primer.


Instead of something full coverage for your summer vaca go for a BB cream. BB creams are great for summer period because it is so light weight. I fell in love with the L’Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB cream. What is so magical about this product is the formula. It instantly matches to your perfect skin tone for a flawless bare-skin finish. As I tanned the formula still matched my darker complexion perfectly. It goes on white, but don’t be alarmed, it melts into your skin to create the perfect blend. I applied it with my fingers, rubbing it into my skin, then finishing it off with a flat head dense foundation brush. It left my skin with an effortless hydrating glow with an even skin tone. To seal in everything I packed two press foundation powders: my Maybelline Fit Me matte + poreless powder which is a shade darker then my Revlon Photo ready press powder (applied by a dense foundation brush). Remember to bring a shade you are currently and a shade you will end up being for the end of the trip. A tan is included in your summer vacation make sure your make up matches your new skin tone.

I know I didn’t talk at all about concealer. Yes, I did bring it, but I ended up using it two times! My skin looked amazing with my BB cream and press powder alone! Of course my new tan had everything to do with it as well!

Let’s move to contour and bronzing. This has to be my favorite part in the whole makeup process.  My ride or die bronzer is my Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Sun dipped. It gives your face a radiant glow. I used my matte Benefit Cosmetics Hoola bronzer to contour my nose and cheek bones to add on to my “natural” glow. Both bronzers were applied with a slanted dense brush. I also used a mini dense flat head brush to create my nose contour and another small fluffy brush to blend it all out.








Cream blush or powder blush that is the question? Not 100% sure? Bring both! If you can  bring a reasonably size cream blush palette like this one from Revlon I’d say bring it for the variety. If you have a go to powder blush like my go to from Ofra Cosmetics then you are all set. What I love most about this powder blush is it doubles as a highlighter as well. It has little sparkles of gold which creates an even more glow factor to your skin. Normally, I tend to go for a cream blush to give my cheeks a natural flushed look. To keep the rosy affect long lasting I finish it off with a powder blush on top for more staying power. For a natural application apply a cream blush with your fingers. For a powder blush, I go for a rounder medium size brush.  Here’s another trick I learned to make my make up load as light as possible. You can double your cream blushes as a lippie as well! I brought a few matte lip shades from Tarte (not pictured I forgot :/ ) and a sheer lip gloss balm from Lip Glow in the color Petal for more lip choices.



Can’t forget to complete your sun kissed vacation make up by slaying those brows and applying mascara. I have naturally thick eye brows so a good sharpened eye brow pencil a shade lighter then my natural brow color does the trick. I literally just fill in the bald areas in my brows, blend with a spoolie, and done! USE WATERPROOF MASCARA! It’s hot you will melt! If you wear mascara for the beach make sure it’s water proof so it doesn’t look like you’ve been ugly crying all day. I’ve made that mistake this time around so make sure your mascara is waterproof!


(I also use my brown brow pencil as a lip liner or lip color…add a clear gloss and you have an instant brown lippie)

Less is more. I brought 5 make up brushes with me. Don’t over flow your suitcase with a ton of make up brushes. If you can use your make up brush for multiple uses do so! Don’t forget your fingers sometimes can do the trick for make up application.


My make up routine for my summer vacation was simple, quick, with a radiant glow.

XO Mel


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