What I discovered my first 6 months of blogging


I can’t believe its been a little over 6 months since I grew the balls to start my journey as a blogger.  I have learned so much in the process! Being a blogger is a lot of work. It’s endless hours on the computer, shutting yourself out from the outside world, typing away at your niche. A juggling act to say the least adding blogger to your resume of life was some thing I did not realize what it entails. My first 6 months of blogging was a roller coaster ride. I felt like a new mommy all over again. I knew nothing, made a whole bunch of mistakes, but learned along the way.
Here are some things I discovered my first 6 months of blogging
Be ready to write your heart out. You can spend hours and hours on the computer writing. This is my favorite part. It’s another form of therapy for me. I become one with the keyboard typing away with my music blasted vibing out. One thing that has helped me in my very beginnings was making sure I was alone while writing. I had many staring contests with the keyboard and computer. Being in a somewhat “quiet” environment limits distractions, increases your productivity. You will not only be a great blogger, but learn the art of  being a loner as well.



Make an appointment with yourself and schedule your writing times. I always try and write when the kids are in bed or while they are doing their chores. I call it the mom break. They know once mom is on her “break” I don’t exist for what feels like a brief moment in time. Why does time go by so fast when you are having fun? If blogging has become your “second job” meaning your first job is the money maker then adding blogger to your hectic life may require some appointments. I’d say 70/100 percent of the time it works…well at least for me. Its definitely a juggling act. Find what works best for you to make your writing experience an enjoyable one.

Start slow don’t overwhelm yourself. I am full of ideas. Executing them all at once is not my forte. I am an amazing multitasker when it comes to #momlife. Blogging I haven’t mastered yet. I would become a hot overwhelmed mess the thought of writing more than one post a week. What saved me was writing a list of post ideas in my handy dandy notebook. It helped me to stay organized. I didn’t feel as overwhelmed. I felt so accomplished looking at all my completed posts on the computer screen. Now I try to do 3 posts a week. You too will soon figure out how many you can handle. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t have time to post. It’s not the end of the world. You want to put your best into the universe, don’t rush it.



Be prepared to make multiple drafts. I swore this blogging stuff would be a piece of cake. I made so many grammatical and spelling mistakes. Be ready to have multiple rough drafts. Unless you are super bomb at writing, you mastered the ins and outs of blogging then congratulations. But real life is knocking on this door so my suggestion is to  read and check, read some more….check again. Don’t click on that publish button, until you know for sure your writing is on point.

Give your readers some eye candy. Not only will your readers be impressed with your writing skills, but they will also enjoy the visuals even more. I am a very visual person so for me pics are a must. A minor disappointment is reading a beautifully written post, but there’s no pictures, especially a fashion/lifestyle blog which I gravitate to the most! Does that mean you need to buy the most expensive camera? No. We are living in the age of modern technology. If you have a smart phone, some good editing apps, your good. I have two holy grail editing apps I use for my pictures: face tune and snapseed. There have been plenty of times I have used my dslr camera or smart phone to take my pics.

Confidence booster. In the very beginning you start off unsure of yourself. Not really knowing what the hec you are doing. Remember practice makes perfect. The more you write, the better you become, and your confidence will sky rocket. I have witnessed my own personal growth and felt the confidence boost. I definitely have become a better writer  and feel like I can take over the world….not really, but you know what I mean.


Blogging is time consuming and a one woman or man show. Let your passion for writing and creating drive you to keep pushing forward. Eventually, writing your posts will come naturally to you. It’s definitely a roller coaster ride have fun and enjoy the process of being a blogger.


xo Mel


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