Make a statement with your Ears

Hey Guys!

Statement earrings are such a great way to express yourself through your outfit! Are you a plain Jane? Its all good girl, dress those ear lobes instead. Make an elaborate declaration by rocking some BOLD statement earrings! Heads will turn, eyes will squint, and jaws are sure to drop striking a pose in your dangly ornaments.

Continue the eye-catching affect all year round. Statement earrings are not limited to one season only. The color scheme may change in the warmer months with vivd brights vs. winter the colors may be more subdued, but never lack an interest. WTH break the rules and rock a brighter pair in the winter and fall to promote that pop of color. Either way the statement earring is supposed to….You guessed it…make a statement.

With that being said I wanted to share my growing collection of statement earrings. The levels of statement range depending on my mood. Whether its break ya neck or a slight glimpse I always try to find an intriguing and different pair.


The statement earring is a fun way to show off and bring that outfit to life! What do you prefer? A gaudy piece or a modest decor to your ears? Remember, the statement earring is made to make a statement big or small.

XO Mel
























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5 thoughts on “Make a statement with your Ears

  1. I love earrings and I can’t go
    With out I love all kinds of earrings you have a lot of cute ones 😍😍😍


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