Lookbook: Street Style in Fila Disruptors II

I finally was able to get my hands on the Fila Disruptors II. Though my heart was set on the Nike air max 95 in all white. I couldn’t justify spending $160 bucks on a pair of kicks. Call me cheap… I call it #adulting. My dreams of owning a pair seemed far UNTIL I happened to come across a “cheaper” dupe maybe in price, but definitely NOT in quality. Drum roll please….I mean if you haven’t read the title of this blog you are obviously not paying attention LOL….My Fila Disruptors II.  They are super comfy. In the words of my husband and I quote, “Of course, they are comfortable, you are walking on two memory foam mattresses.”  (his diss to me) ” They should be called disruptors ‘cuz they disrupting my eyes.” Yes, another hilarious joke from my life partner. I’m used to it. Seriously, guys these shoes are great!

 I paid $65 for these from DSW.  I decided to purchase the crispy white pair. There are other great color choices, but I wanted to wear these with anything and everything.

Here’s my street style look book starring my Fila Disruptors….II.

Cinderella with an Edge

I low-key felt like a Puerto Rican Cinderella with extra adobo (my Caribbean peeps will understand LOL). Most of this look is from the Zendaya collection from boo.com. I am a BIG fan of her personal style. When I saw she had a mesh dress I knew I wanted it immediately. This look is right up my alley. I love the whole sporty vibe it gives off. The cherry on top was this fanny pack also from boohoo.com which made the look even more chill. The T shirt is from the boys section in Walmart. The sleeves and bottom of the T were cut and turned into a crop top for a better fit underneath. My bike shorts were an old pair of black leggings I cut which are actually the same bike shorts from my Date Night in Bike Shorts post. I really feel like Cinderella in this dress.



Keep Calm and Bidi Bidi Bum Bum

Who else would do anything for Selenas? I would! Her style and signature red lip has become something all woman want to emulate.  Such a beauty inside and out who wouldn’t want to take a little here and there from her style? I decided to pair my crop top with my high waisted shorts, $5 from Good Will. The top was about $11 and purse was $14 from Burlington Coat Factory. The purse complimented the top with its similarity in floral prints. It reminded me of her song “Como la Flor.” I also paired this look with large hoop earrings, a red lippie, and slick back hair to semi morph myself into Selena. I love her.







90’s Oversized

For my last look I wanted to add a black mini skirt into the mix. Originally this skirt was knee length. I had the hardest time trying to figure out how to style it so I cut it. Don’t be afraid guys to “alter” your clothing if its not working for you. I took a chance by cutting my skirt. Thank God it worked out! I say take the risk.  My oversized Nautical button down was a Good Will find. Because of the oversized fit, I tucked it into my skirt. Leaving a peekaboo shoulder to make the top more appealing. I love the burnt orange color which will transition well into the fall months.  I decided to go with an old brown belt…another thrifted discovery and cinched my waist with it. Not to mention, my fake “smart” glasses tie in the black and brown nicely. I love how brown and black look together.







I had a lot of fun styling these pieces around my Fila Disruptors II. Get a pair they are super comfortable, and at a great price!

Xo Mel

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