How to stay modest, but stylish for church

Happy Sunday peeps!

Do you ever get stuck on what to wear for church? I know I do. Sometimes it may feel like you are better off wearing a large potato sack instead. Believe it or not there are ways to stay modest for church, but stylish at the same time. Here’s a few “rules” I follow when dressing for church.


Rule one: 

The old school finger tip rule: skirts must reach to the finger tips of the extended arm applies in church as well. Remember if your skirt is short already it will rise even further when you sit. Nothing wrong with a little leg action, but no one should be distracted with your thunder thighs. Opt for a knee, midi, or maxi length this way you are showing more to the imagination instead of little.


Rule two:

Plan your outfit the night before. It’s such a pain what you visualize in your head doesn’t execute as you planed when trying it on, especially the day of, when one is running late already, and should of left an hour ago out the door. Idk how many times I have done this and still do at times. Save your self the energy and time. Know what you are going to wear this includes accessories, hair-do, and even make-up…seriously.

12 OOTD.jpg

Rule three:

Just because it’s church doesn’t mean your outfit shouldn’t reflect your personal style. If you love color, bold patterns, statement jewelry rock it girl. Nothing wrong with adding  your personal touches to still stay and feel stylish for church.



Rule four:

The higher the heel the closer to heaven. Need I say more? LOL


13 OOTD.jpg


Rule five:

If your bottoms are a little snug wear something that covers your apple bottom and camel toe please.  A long knit sweater or boyfriend style jean jacket always does the trick when I find myself in a tighter fit.



Rule six:

Go with your gut. If you feel uncomfortable most likely its because you are not appropriate for church.


Keeping it modest for church shouldn’t be a drag. Use your personal style to vamp up and elevate your look. Follow these rules to make getting ready a lot easier.

Xo Mel



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