A letter to my Son

Dear Kenny,

Wow you are officially 12 years old. In a blink of an eye you have grown almost as tall as me, your voice has become slightly deeper, and I am witnessing you turning into a young man. I have mixed emotions kid. I don’t know whether I want to cry or stare at you to figure out where all the time has gone. I want to wish you a very special Happy Birthday, but not only that I wanted to thank you. You have blessed my life in so many ways, you have no idea. Since the day I knew I was pregnant with you my whole mind frame changed like a switch of a light. God placed you in my life at HIS perfect time which I am forever grateful for. You made me into a better me. You opened my eyes to see what true unconditional love was at a time where I thought it didn’t exist.




When you arrived, I couldn’t believe you were mine. You were the most beautiful new born baby I’d ever seen. I never felt such greater love before having you. You became my obsession, my everything, the air I breathed. I knew right then and there all I wanted was the absolute best for you. I knew I would always protect you and be there to guide you no matter what. You became my right hand man. We grew up together, best friends stuck like glue. It’s so hard to describe in words the infinity of love I have for you. I am so proud of you and the young man you are becoming.

201808084025150023788901339.jpg 201808083560060014887616854.jpg

Honestly, this year has been a struggle for me. I have watched you grow from this little boy stuck to my hip to now a young curious adolescent. Many nights I cried, worried about you. Even received my first official gray hair at 32….Thanks for that by the way. What I realized was how scared I felt that I couldn’t protect you from the harsh realities of the world. All I can do is pray. With God all things are possible remember that. You have made me so proud to be your mom.

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Your own strength and faith in the Lord is inspiring to me. I love how you are not ashamed to bring up your faith in front of your friends or teachers at school.  I love that your favorite bible verse is Romans 1:16. My heart fills with joy when I look at you. Sad because you are growing up, but happy because you are turning into such a wonderful human. You are so sweet and kind. You march to the beat of your own drum. No matter what don’t ever change that about yourself. God created you in HIS perfect image and to show me what true love really is. Thank you son for showing me love. Thank you for being you.


I love you always and forever Kenny.

Happy 12th Birthday ❤

Love Mom

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