Vintage Floral

Love the look of a romantic floral dress? Increase the romance radar with a vintage look like this from GoodWill. Lately, I’ve been really into black floral or any type of vintage floral print. It is a continuous piece you can wear literally all year round. The pops of various colors paired with a cute wedge or sandal flow with the summery vibes, but it doesn’t have to stop there. This dress can be worn in the fall and winter months as well. Pair it with a chunky knit, thick black stockings, ankle booties, or spice it up with a thigh high length. Not only you score on a piece that is forever cemented in time, but you may be lucky enough to find a vintage dress with shoulder pads. Invest in a floral print or find a great piece at a thrift store for less of the cost. Fall in love with this perineal print you won’t regret it.


Feel pretty and flirty with a vintage floral dress. This wearable garden print has made a strong comeback, make it a staple piece for your wardrobe now.


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