Thrift like a pro

Thrifting is an art form. It’s not something you can master over night. It takes hard work and dedication. You must know when to spot something from the corner of your eye and dive in like a hawk. Snatch it up without apologies….Am I a professional thrifter? I’d like to think so. Some say I am a little crazy, some say I’ve lost it a long time ago, but there is one thing everyone can agree on I am the when it comes to thrifting.


Fashion is a revolving door. Today’s trends are here then gone tomorrow. Thrift stores get tons of clothing people may feel have run its course or is not considered “in” anymore. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure…true story…


That is why places like Good Will, Savors, and many more are so magical. You see all trends that ever existed the good, the bad, and the ugly at a fraction of the price. SCORE! Today’s post is on my little tips and tricks on thrift shopping. PLEASE TAKE NOTES….


Tip #1:

WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES! It can get pretty intense when you are in the realm of thrift. If you have to tackle someone down to get the only pair of old school Levis jeans you better be wearing you’re running shoes. What I really mean is all the walking you will do searching for the goodies make sure your comfortable. Not only is comfort key, the shoe should be hassle free as well. If you happen to come across a pair of cute pumps you want to make sure you can easily slip your shoe on and off for the try on.


Tip #2:

Go alone. This is not the mall where you get with the girlfriends to shop, laugh, and gossip. This is serious business and every man for himself when it comes to thrifting. First come first serve. I can’t have any competition. If I am with my friends most likely we will have similar tastes and that can lead into the ultimate duel for a top we BOTH think is really cute.


Tip #3:

Buy a few white button down tops in the men’s section. They are versatile to style in so many ways. You can wear it buttoned or tied, worn loose, or cuffed. Cut it in half and make a boxy or crop top.  Why pay full price when you can easily pay less than 9 bucks for an oversized gently used white button down. It’s the perfect all year round staple. Look effortlessy chic at the beach while wearing it as a cover up for this summer.


Tip #4:

Again, the men’s section has the best jeans! Looking for a more relaxed fit? Aim straight towards the men’s rack. I would say 70% of my jeans come from there. I don’t know about you, but I don’t “try-on” clothes from the thrift store until purchased and washed clean. Not really sure of your size in men’s jeans or jeans period? Here’s a quick and easy way of trying it on without trying it on, a simple jean hack I’ve learned along the way. Put the pair of jeans on around your neck, if the jeans don’t meet in the middle, they are too small… if both ends overlap they are too big…if they meet they fit! I always do this when trying to find my size thrift store or not.


Tip #5:

Once inside take a peek at the clearance color to get the 50% off! Try your hardest to shop within that color only! You can come home with a whole new wardrobe when shopping for the color of the day! I have found a blazer no lie for $2 before! The discounted color rotates day by day so if you happened to spot an item that wasn’t the color of the day chances are the following day it will be on sale and you can snag it then!


Tip #6:

Morph yourself into Inspector Gadget and thoroughly check the clothes before purchasing. I have made the mistake before of being in a trance because of pricing and how awesome the article of clothing looked. It’s a bummer when you fall in love with a piece, but notice a hole or an ugly stain that can’t be repaired. Use your judgement! If you can fix it great! If you can’t don’t bother!


Tip #7:

When thrifting decide on how much you are willing to pay for an item. I don’t touch anything that will cost me more than $10. REMEMBER it is used don’t pay full price.


Tip #8:

Don’t shy away from an oversized dress. I tend to find dresses that have a wrap belt which I can wrap around twice or use a regular belt for a cinched look. Don’t judge the dress by its size. If that doesn’t work for you or isn’t your style just go get it altered! You paid dirt cheap for it anyway, spend the extra cash you saved and pay for the alterations if you like it that much.


Tip #9:

You love the wash of the jeans, but not a fan of the style at the bottom? Turn those suckers into a pair of cute shorts! Get creative, make it your own with rips, holes, or bleach. You will instantly have a lookalike pair of shorts, you created, that didn’t hurt your wallet, and didn’t pay full price for. Jean shorts can get expensive. The majority of my shorts were once a pair of regular jean pants.


Tip #10:

Don’t force it. If you’re not feeling anything in the store don’t buy just to buy. Come back next time and I am sure you will have better luck!

Dress $8 from GoodWill ( there’s shoulder pads!!! 😛 )


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