out of my comfort zone

Hey Beautiful peeps!

Today’s post will be a smidge different. Instead of me going on blabbing about my outfit, why, and how I styled it; I wanted to share my experience with working with someone completely different then the “normal three” that regularly take my pics who include my sis, hubs, and close friend. Occasionally *cough * cough my son, but I pay him LOL. I worked with a new photographer. Man, let me tell you I tried to fast the first three days before shooting. Stupid, I know. My nerves got the best of me. I HATE change. Once my mind is set that’s it. No turning back and try convincing this girl. I am as stubborn as a mule maybe worse. I was excited to work with someone who capture me through their eyes and lens. HOWEVER feeling out of my comfort zone was challenging.

MelR-0010   MelR-0004MelR-0006MelR-0011

The way I deal with being nervous is to act like a damn goofball. My real name should be Melissa Goofball Rivera. I started with the nervous dances which is a mix between bad country line dancing meets old school hip hop moves. I even provided awkward smiles and tripped over my own feet a few times. Yes, it was that ridiculous.

Was there KABOOM fiyaworks? Sort of….I definitely can say  I loosened up towards the end. My husband was there coaching and cheering me on like usual so I felt better. The photographer on the other hand was amazing! He was awesome to work with and had the patience of a saint. It helped me to become more comfortable where we were able to share ideas and get into a creative space.

MelR-0012      MelR-0003.jpg MelR-0002

Doesn’t it feel so cozy and safe to stay in your comfort zone? I am really, really, really, trying my best to get out of that and challenge myself more. I think me being a shy individual has a lot to do with it. Baby steps though, one goal at a time.

Speaking of comfort zones and trying to come out of it I came across a quick read on:

“6 Reasons Why your Comfort Zone is Holding you back in Life” by Justin Harmon

  1. By not taking risks, you never really discover your true self
  2. It’s almost impossible to grow and learn while stuck inside your comfort zone
  3. If you stay in your comfort zone when faced with difficulties, you end up postponing your life goals
  4. When life becomes routine, you lose a part of yourself
  5. You get lost by following the crowd
  6. The unknown is where the dreams are made




So true right? I encourage you to read further as he briefly explains each reasoning. Something I think we can all work on as individuals. In all I am super honored to have this experience, working with someone different who is artsy and lives for creating. Last, but not least a BIG thank you to my husband who always tries to push me out of my comfort zone!

(outfit deets: jeans thrifted, top thrifted, old belt from closet, earrings from H&M, brown heels from JustFab online)

xoxo Mel


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