Date night in bike shorts

Bike shorts have come along way. Once upon a time it was an active wear staple to Lance Armstrong’s triathlon days. The era may have ended along with his career, still, the universe has a funny way of recycling a moment in fashion. The 80s and 90’s trend has made an official comeback thanks to love or hate her Kim Kardashian West. She is one of the most influential fashion icons, yes I said it. Would I go as far as KKW and wear everything skin tight from top to bottom? Perhaps no, BUTT (haha get it) I definitely am not against wearing comfy bike shorts. Let’s admit it. Okay I will, she has reinvented the wheel wearing bike shorts with heels. It can definitely be pulled off as a wearable date night outfit. Don’t knock it until you try it. Come on.

So here’s a little secret, I personally never owned a pair of bike shorts in my adult life. As a 90’s kid I lived in them. As in adult not so much, with that being said, since I am a little lazy I decided to DIY using an old pair of black leggings. Its super simple, cut them, and you have an instant pair of bike shorts without spending the ching ching.


I’m still covered, ready for date night with hubby best of all I am comfortable in my “bike shorts.”

OUTFIT deets:

Button up top from GoodWill

Earrings from Burlington Coat Factory

Fanny Pack from

Black Heels from Fashion Nova

Bike shorts DIY


xoxo Mel

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4 thoughts on “Date night in bike shorts

  1. You make anything look great! Question, how did you get a butyon up to stay off the shoulder🤔? Love the entire outfit. I feel like if i wore a shirt like that I would look dumb lol but i need to try these biker shorts! Im all for comfort myself!


    1. It’s really super easy! I bought an oversized button up from good will mens sections. Buttoned it starting in the middle and pulled the shoulders down the top was tight enough to hold itself perfectly on my shoulders. The trick is get an oversized top! There are so many different ways you can style a button up!


  2. You make any outfit look good! You look great in anything love the look of this one it’s comfy but cute and stylish!!


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