Wild crafted with all natural ingredients. This girl boss is taking the world of skin care by storm and changing the game with her all natural line called Skin Trixx.  She makes believers out of people with her products. A personal favorite of mine is her chapstick made with honey and other natural ingredients that leave your lips moisturized forever. Take a moment to read this interview on another girl boss, Melanie Smith, who is making a difference in beautifying all types of skin. In celebration of her launch get to know the beauty master mind and entrepreneur behind the line.


How did you get started and why?

I got started when I went back to the salon part time and I was just displeased with the products that were available and products that were labeled all natural, but really were full of chemicals. So I just started making my own stuff. I just started playing with it  to see what would happen and I really liked what I found. I started using it all the time.

What is it about skin care products in general that you love?

I think its just  my general background. Cosmetology is my background anyways, so it’s the environment that I’m the most comfortable in. I take good care of my skin and I take good care of my hair so sharing that with other people is a great thing because there is not a lot of good solid natural products for ethnic woman.

What is different about your products vs. commercial?

They are 100% chemical free. There is not one chemical in them, no chemical preservatives, no nothing. They are so natural you can literally eat them. My dog has eaten them. My girl’s children have eaten them it’s like that natural which is very rare on the commercial market.


How did you learn to make your own?

Pinterest, Youtube, the soap makers skills website, literally, just reading, and experimenting,  experimenting, and failing, failing a lot. Definitely failing a lot and learning how to fail forward and take good construction crtitisum. A little bit of everything, but definitely being a nerd. I love to learn knew things.

What’s your favorite product you use from your line?

Definitely, my chapstick, absolutely, my chapstick. It was actually one of my first products that I made. I just sort of fell in love with it. I am a chapstick fanatic. It’s the one thing I have to have no matter what. Second, would definitely be my lotion because my skin just drinks it so. I can’t live without either one of them, but definitely my chapstick first.


What demographic are you targeting your products for? Women? Men? Ethnic?

I would say, I mean I don’t really have a targeted demographic its anybody that’s interested. I found that it has applications in so many different markets, markets I didn’t even realize.When I initially started it was for my skin type and hair type which is ethnic. I realized as I shared my products with people that there is a wide variety of uses for people who have chemical concerns, and skin aliments. A lot of people prefer chemical free products, I didn’t even think about that. One of the girls I work with she had cancer recently and she switched out all of her products and started using mine because they are all natural and chemical free.  So I really feel like its across the board, anyone whose interested, anyone who has any skin ailments that they want to fix. I can’t and don’t want to single out a group because I don’t want to miss anyone else who might be interested.  I just try to keep it simple and cost affective. It’s not something thats so obtainable for  a single mom like me to have a great skin care product as it is a doctor to have a great skin care product. So I want it to be universal which is the most important thing.

So it can help people with oily skin, dry skin, combination skin?

Absolutely, absolutely because some of the products that I make can be tweeked  to personal needs. The base oils are all the same usually. If you have oily skin you can use, off the top of my head you can use tea tree oil , rosehip oil, lavender oil to calm it and bring it all down. If you have aging skin you can use frankincense, carrot oil, and geranium oil it just depends on what you want it to specifically to do. Some of them are very tailorable and some of them aren’t. Lotion is pretty much just the way it is. A lot of what I do is problem solving, so some products are created for a specific need, usually those products are created on a person to person basis.

How do you test your products?

On willing friends and family


Have you had any bad reactions on anybodies skin?No. The only thing that has ever really been people dislike or like something. Take peoples criticism and see if they work for what you are trying to achieve or what they don’t. Anything all out awful? No, nothing yet, the worst that probably happen was my girlfriend’s daughter ate her whole tube of chapstick. Other than that no, but it’s been willing friends and family who has just tried everything.

Everybody is still alive? Yea LOL everybody is still alive, dogs, kids thank God LOL

What do you guarantee with your products?

That’s a tough question. Hmmm I guarantee it’s an ultimately chemical free experience and I guarantee that it can definitely help you in some way. Whether you find something in the line that is a 100% for you or whether you find something that is for someone else. It can definitely solve an aliment or just hydrate, beautify your skin and hair which is extremely important. I really feel the most important thing that I guarantee is that it is chemical free. That is so important to what I am selling. The whole point is hand crafted chemical free option which is huge. There is not a lot of that out there. I really feel like that’s the main guarantee.

Where do you want to be at with your line in a year? 5 years?

In a year ultimately I love this to be my main job, my only job. I’d like for it to sustain my entire livelihood. Grow with it and see what else I can do with it. I would love to own my own shop to be able to do a little bit of every thing that I do which is a wide variety of things in the cosmetology business.

In 5 years I would like it to be a solid brand. A known brand where you know you associate my look with my products and what your gong to get with those products. Yea I would just like it to finance my life, really just finance my life.


Given what you know today what would you tell yourself a year back about starting your own product or this process that you are in now?

Don’t be afraid and have faith. Definitely have faith because all the signs are there if you ask. They are definitely answered and they have been answered overtime I’ve asked so don’t be afraid and have faith. Stop stalling, definitely stop stalling. Turn you fear into anticipation and let it propel you, being scared means it is important, and keep moving toward what makes you happy.

What makes you proud about what you are doing and your products?

I’d say that it is all of me. It’s every hope, it’s every dream, it’s every person I love, it’s every lesson, every failure. It’s all of me twisted up in this one little cup of magic and I’m so proud of that.  If you look back in the past like oh well that sucked, but it really didn’t because it brought me to where I am today. Where I am today I am super proud of. Being able to share my experience with people makes it that much more magic for me. I mean I guess thats what I am the most proud of is that it’s all of me in this great thing. I’m just like, “Wow, I made that” and that’s kinda of dope.

I know you mentioned starting your website. When do you think it will launch or I know you mentioned you might do the fb first. Can you talk a little bit about that?

My goal initially which I totally did not achieve was having my website launch in March on my birthday. It kind of looks like it will be closer to May, but that’s ok. Everything happens in God’s time. I think it is a reasonable goal with everything that has to go into it which I was astonished by, totally astonished by.

Do you make all your products all in one lump sum? Or do you have a client that says, “Hey I’m having issues in these areas” and then you make your products geared to your clients needs?

Well, the product itself it all depends. Lotion, those are made in a bulk so probably it taps out about thirty to forty ounces a batch.

The cleaner also in a larger batch because it ferments. The majority of my products are small batches because I hand pick all the ingredients. I use local and home grown ingredients whenever possible. I never want to lose that. Products that are created for individuals are usually made by a “prescription” basis. Each person receives my best professional opinion of what will work for them. Does it always work, no, lol but it’s all a learning process.


Do you have any body scrubs?

I do actually . I have a pepper mint sugar scrub made with Shea soap. It’s just devine. That’s the only way I can describe it.  A lot of products you use like slat scrubs, walnut scrubs, things like that, actually don’t realize that it cuts your skin. If you actually look at your skin later you would see little miniature cuts in your skin. Sugar is a round, it’s not 100% round but it dissolves as it imulsifying on your skin it actually wiping away everything as oppose to cutting it off of your body. It forces your skin to rejuvenate, but it doesn’t force it to rejuvenate at a callus level which a lot of people are like what? The more you take off of your skin the more it’s forced to rejuvenate and you want to do that in a more softer manner. There is so much that goes with skin care.

I started when I was 17 in salons. Thats where so much of it comes from, working with products. There are so many unnatural products because they are mass manufactured. Products that are mass manufactured they have no choice but to have chemicals in them because you have to achieve that. I met with a lady from QVC last year and she asked me: how important is the integrity of our product? I said, “Well, its everything. It’s my brand, it’s who I am, that’s what I am doing. Then she said, “You can’t achieve a million parts per product without mass manufacturing and to achieve mass manufacturing you have to utilize chemical options. I was like no, not an option and that was the end of it. I was glad that she asked me that so I knew I wasn’t going to go there. That is something that I am not going to obtain because I don’t want to obtain it.


Can you tell me the name of your products? How did you come up with that name?

Skin Trixx. Actually I always call stuff when I bring it to someone, “Here’s my bag of tricks” so then it just spun from that. I was like oh, skin care, skin tricks like that makes sense. It just kind of stuck because it was cute. Literally, that’s exactly how it happened. I always call my stuff  a bag of tricks.



Guys this girl is amazing and so talented! I have been using her stuff for over two months now and I am in love with everything it has to offer. The BEST part it is absolutely 100% chemical free! Show some love to my girl and check out her line at  skintrixx.com.

xoxo Mel



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