I let an 8 year old Style me

So I am honored to say I have an 8 year old friend (one of my best friend’s kids). Who loves fashion as much or even MORE than I do. My friend Grace is a witty, strong little girl who is not afraid to say what is on her mind or tell you that the dress you just tried on makes you look even fatter. This is why Grace is the PERFECT shopping partner.  It was brilliant! This mini fashionista can style me! Even though my nerves kicked in, and my life flashed before my eyes a few times. There was one thing I was a billion percent sure….Grace would NOT let me look crazy walking these streets. I said a little prayer and we were off to shop…


So what do you guys think? Didn’t she do an awesome job!? Grace came through like the REAL MVP that she is. Thank you Grace!!! Ooooh I almost forgot! The dress NO LIE $4.80!!! (yes all these exclamations because I am that excited 😛 ) There was a major sale going on and we happened to be in the right place at the right time! Amen to that! Thank you Jesus, thank you Grace, and thank you Val for teaching those kids the meaning of a sale.

But wait there’s more stay tuned for the full ensemble (next post or few posts 😉 )



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