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Lets talk about summer florals! A timeless print that in my opinion will never go out of style, especially for summer. Such a romantic pattern to wear (* big dreamy sigh). I mean who wouldn’t want to be a walking garden for summer? There are so many great beautifully made floral dresses. You can choose so many styles without hurting your budget! I fell in love with this one in particular.  This button-front floral dress was less than $40 from Forever21. The blue color caught my eye the most. While yellow is really in right now, pastels, polka dots etc, I got really excited when I peeped this pretty hue of blue such as this one. Forever21 has a wide range of floral dresses for summer and for any occasion.


Can we say hello pockets?! Yes, I am that corny to be super hyped over some pockets! Who doesn’t LOVE a dress with pockets! One of the best style inventions everrrrrrrr…


Now we all know that the floral dress is here to stay forever. The statement earrings though is making an entrance never seen before for summer 2018. I’ve always been into the big chunky type of earring. You can vamp any summer look with beautiful statement earrings like these babies. I found these beauties at Burlington Coat Factory. I think I’ve mentioned before how bomb of a selection they have of statement earrings! It’s usually my go to spot to look first.


It was comfort vs. wanting to be cute. I was in between pairing sneakers or heels with this dress. Decisions, decisions…I received confirmation when hubs gave me the worst side eye when I mentioned pairing them with kicks LOL so to compromise I opted to wear these scrappy wrap sandals instead (forgot where I got these). I guess comfort won sort of…. 😛 . My bag as mentioned before is a Goodwill find.


Need that perfect floral dress? Get pretty and summery with flirty florals now. Rock a floral dress for summer you won’t regret it.




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