The midi and maxi dress & quick weekend update


Hello my loves!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! This weekend I got to “surprise” my husband with a grad/b-day party. I did have him help set up for his own party……SURPRISE! I needed the extra help what can I say. I went all in, I mean innnnnnn….Obstacle course and DJ at a hefty price, but no complaints from this gal I had to do it. There was a lot of sacrifice, blood, sweat, and tears involved. He finished with his Masters in Organizational Management and will be returning back in the fall for his MBA. What is the difference? I do not know. All I can say is how proud I am of this over achiever LOL. The party was a hit! Friends, family, old army buddies arrived and overall he was surprised with all the love he received that day. Quick shout out to everyone who helped from baking, setting up, or just calming my anxiety over this party. I could NEVER be a party planner :/ . I survived and ECSTATIC its over!

The midi and maxi 

Summer is approaching quickly, trying to stay arm pit fresh and stylish at the same time can be a bit of a challenge. What better way to stay cool and stylish than wearing a maxi or midi dress? Affordable, comfortable, and here to stay – the maxi and midi dress is a must have staple for the summer. Create a casual or fancy outfit, the maxi and midi is a versatile piece that can be worn a trillion ways.

Here my friend Janexi and I decided to keep it simple with sandals and thrifted purses from Good Will. Janexi decided to wear a beautiful burnt orange maxi. What is cool about this dress it can be worn as a scoop neck or off the shoulder. Paired with a cute head band which compliments the burnt orange dress, simple large hoop earrings, and brown shades to tie the look together. A casual, super cute look created to wear for the day. I wore a polka dot, floral, mustard color midi dress that I unbuttoned up to my mid thigh to show a little leg action as I walked. I love the small tie detail on the front of the dress. You can never go wrong with bamboo earrings and a bright colored purse for the extra pop of color.


Turn up the heat in a maxi and midi dress for summer. Fill your closet with these summer staples and step out into the sunshine. Have a great week everyone!

xoxo Mel


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