Slides and Mules

Let’s talk about awesome footwear that has been taken your feet to a whole fashionable level! Thee slide and mule sandal……they are a favorite spring and summer staple of mine thus far…Along with the straw bag, but that’s another blog post 😛 . Super easy to wear, just slide your foot in, and your out the door. May also be grandma approved or reminiscent to an old blue collar geezer slipper, you can’t deny they are pretty snazzy and can be paired with practically anything. Through my compulsive purchases and sale hunting adventures I have obtained a small collection that will only get bigger through spring, summer, and even fall. So let’s begin shall we?

I call these…

Grandpa’s Retired

I see a rich old man, puffing on a cigar while chilling in his study. Feet propped up on his desk…can you picture it? So why in the heck would I want to purchase these? They are freakin’ awesome that’s why! Yes, they may be a little much with the gold embellishments and olive green suede material. The color was what attracted me the most. I am a sucker for olive green and warm tones. They are definitely a staple piece and can add an extra pop of detail to your outfit. Honestly they are so comfy and can be worn through the fall which I love as well.


Gucci Dupes

I am in love these because they give me the Gucci vibes at a fraction of the cost.  These beauties were my first pair of slides ever AND they can be worn with literally anything! I wear them all the time! My favorite slides by far ❤


Sail the seas

Another great pair of slides that screams causal chic and nautical vibes are these blue/white stripped beauties from Marshall’s. These slides are a great spring and summer day shoe.  This easy to wear style is a constant summer comeback due to it’s nautical aesthetic.


Summa,’ Summa,’ Summa,’ time (*Will Smith voice).

Can we just say Island gal in the house? These fringe bright slide sandals are a last year purchase from Forever21. Enjoy a day out in the sun, at the beach. Or dress them up in an off the shoulder swing midi dress. Make lovely summer outfit memories with this fun sandal.


billie JEAN

Into the jean outfit look? Why not wear it on your feet too with these cutesy crisscross jean fringe slides another last year purchase from Forever21. Stay casual and stylish with these summer essentials. These are actually quite durable as well they have been through some serious muddy conditions and have held up on their own with my washing machine. Plus you can’t deny how cute the crisscross fringe detail is.


The Comeback

I swear my mother had a pair of these in the 90s when I was a kid. Mules have made a comeback along with other 90’s, early 2000’s apparel. These are my most recent buy from I love how simple they are, the heel is my favorite part of the shoe. Not only is it comfortable to wear, the heel is completely covered in the straw material that is so in right now for spring and summer. I can be in these for hours with no complaints of foot pain. Definitely one of the most comfortable heel sandal to wear.


Baby kittens

These babies are so adorable. I’ll be honest, I was NEVER a fan of kitten heels before. UNTIL, some of the best of the best fashion bloggers started rocking these in some pretty dope ways and I was made a belieber….Oops I mean BELIEVER lol.  I mean these should be in its own blog post itself. Thus far they are my only purchase of kitten heels. There is no back and you can slide your foot into them to wear, hence why they have made it into this post. I haven’t worn them officially yet, try-on purposes only. As soon as I do you lovelies will get an official report from me pronto.



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  1. The kitten slides tho.. I have never worn a pair either but those look sooo inspiring.. love the colors.. do your thing girl.. love watching you shine..

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