Outfit post: Memorial Day Weekend Inspired Look

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I hope the weather is sunny and bright! Unfortunately, CT has taken another turn for the cold. It was warm and humid yesterday. Today it feels like October. I will do my best to not complain…Memorial Day isn’t technically until Monday anyway. I had an awesome weekend, spending it with my cousins! It brought back a lot of great memories growing up, getting in trouble together, and acting a fool! Nothing has changed lol. Luckily, I have another cousin who is also into fashion and creating as much or maybe even more than I am. LIGHT BULB! Why not shoot together?! Here is our Memorial Day outfit inspired look. Call us the double mint twins if you will LOL.


I decide to go with a layered look by pairing my off the shoulder red and white striped dress (Forever21) with my button-front denim skirt (GoodWill). I let the bottom of my  dress poke out in the front to give it that unexpected pop and relaxed layered look. Also pairing it with my Converse Chuck Taylor all star low tops to the outfit. I am comfortable and ready for a cook out.

My cousin Sammy paired his red and white stripped button up shirt (Calvin Klein) with a lighter wash of shorts creating a casual chic look. He paired his outfit with all white Converse chucks and CK socks to compete his look. Keeping the Memorial Day “theme” going he tucked an American Flag scarf (GoodWill) neatly in his back pocket.


We decided to be even more cheesy and buy these cloth tote bags from GoodWill. I am not a musician. His only interest was to practice his twerking skills lol. These sturdy bags are great for a casual sunny day.


Have a safe Memorial Day weekend and Memorial Day everyone ❤

xoxo Mel

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