Spring has sprung

Bright colors, bold print, and florals comes to mind when I think about spring. This is my inspiration around this funky outfit.

I decided to shoot in a not so scenic area…the gas station. The stares were endless. I’ll tell you what though, my anxiety and fear of shooting in public has decreased. My sis on the other hand who I volunteered to take my pics was not too thrilled to be out shooting with a massive camera in a heavy traffic environment. We worked it out though. This time I was coaching her to relax. I learned a little trick when I am out in public posing like an idiot. GIVE NO ONE EYE CONTACT. It seems to help me a lot when I look like a wanna be America’s Next Top Model.

Back to the outfit…….

cala T4.jpg

These jeans are so comfy and sets the tone for this springy look. The floral detail adds an extra touch and various pops of color.

cala T1.jpg

I found this Calabasas t-shirt at Forever 21. It goes perfectly with the jeans….tying in the pops of yellow and red. I love how yellow and blue look together….it’s such great contrasting, but complementary color at the same time. My navy blue and white stripped blazer from H&M was an actual steal. I got it on sale for $17. Seriously, who doesn’t live for a sale.

cala T7.jpgcala T6.jpg

The make up was kept simple minus my bright green winged liner from nyx cosmetics. I was totally trying to channel spring in this look.

cala T2.jpg

Need a little more color in your life? Don’t be afraid to mix bright colors and patterns together. Its fashion just have fun with it.


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