Worship Night in America Tour

Saturday, May 5th I had the awesome experience of attending another great concert! This time we went to see the Worship Night in America tour with Chris Tomlin. It also featured other praise and worship artists such as Kim Walker Smith of Jesus Culture, Matt Maher, Christine D’ Claro, Tauren Wells, and Pat Barret. Best part of it all we had floor seats. It was such a fun time to go with friends and listen to some great music.


Guest speaker Pastor Darren Whitehead of Church of the City was there and threw some gems at us on praising God. His book: Holy Roar: 7 Words That Will Change The Way You Worship, is written by Darren and co-authored with worship leader Chris Tomlin which goes more in depth as to why.


Luckily, I was smart enough to take notes on what Pastor Darren briefly explained: the four Greek words for love and the 7 Hebrew words for praise. I didn’t know there were 7 Hebrew words for praise let alone know their meanings behind them. So here it is a brief glimpse of what I was blessed to listen to by Pastor Darren Whitehead.


Psalm 47

Clap your hands, all you nations;
    shout to God with cries of joy.

Even though we read the bible in the english translation, the bible was originally written in HEBREW and GREEK

Intro page of book HOLY ROAR Authors Darren Whitehead and Chris Tomlin

The four Greek words in the New Testament for the English word LOVE

  • Storge—empathy bond.
  • Philia—friend bond.
  • Eros—erotic bond.
  • Agape—unconditional “God” love

All mean slightly different, they all inform a different aspect of LOVE.

Expand the understanding

Provide another advantage point

Gives another perspective of what LOVE really is

There are 7 Hebrew words for the English word PRAISE in the Psalms

Every time you read the phrase ‘Praise the Lord‘ underneath the word praise there are one of 7 different words: all mean something different

Theses words gives us insight, perspective, another advantage point of what praising God was like in the Ancient World

Here are the 7 Hebrew words for PRAISE:

1. YADAH – to revere or worship with extended hands to hold out the hands. To throw a stone or arrow (in the Old Testament one would shoot an arrow or throw a stone) God’s people coming into his presence and shooting out their hands, lifting their hands in the presence of the Lord


Psalm 67:3

May the peoples praise (Yadah) you, God, may all the peoples praise (Yadah) you.

This is a natural instinct of humanity to lift your hands up in praise. You praise a team for a winning victory. Where do your hands go? Automatically up in the air with a shout of praise because your favorite team has won.

How many remember the first time you lifted your hands up in the presence of the Lord?

How self conscious did you feel?

At first you are self conscious. All you think about is who is staring at you while your hands are up in the air. I was afraid of how silly I looked at first. But when you become so overwhelmed with God’s presence those hands YADAH up to the sky. That shame, that embarrassment melted away, you stop caring, and all you care about is praising GOD.

Lift your hands in YADAH; Praise the LORD ❤

2. HALAL – to boast, to rave, to shine, to celebrate, to be glamorously foolish.

Halal is where we get the word Hallelujah

Psalm 149:3

Let them praise (Halal) his name with dancing and make music to him with timbrel and harp

A spontaneously combustion of praising, shouting, singing, dancing, and laughing

Psalm 150: 6

Let everything that has breath praise(Halal) the Lord.

Praise (Halal) the Lord.


3. TEHILLAH – a hymn, a song of praise. a new song. A spontaneous song.

Sing a song that comes from the overflow of gratitude of what Jesus has done in your life

Psalm 22:3

Yet you are enthroned as the Holy One;
    you are the one Israel praises. 

4. TOWDAH – an extension of the hand. Thanksgiving. A confession. A sacrifice of praise. Thanksgiving for things not yet received.

Towdah is the praise of FAITH.

Thank God for what you have received and thank God for what you have not yet received.

Praise of the Lord and lift your hands up in FAITH

We are declaring the praises of faith TOWDAH:

  • Lift your hands in marriage
  • Lift your hands for the job that you need
  • Lift your hands for the sickness that you pray healing for
  • Lift your hands for provision and guidance
  • Lift your hands for reconciliation in your relationship
  • Lift your hands and say, “God, thank you for what I have received and thank you for what I have not yet received

This is the essence of TOWDAH

Psalm 56:11-12

In God I put my trust I will not be afraid I will render praises (Towdah) to you


5. ZAMAR – To make music. To celebrate in song and music. To touch the strings or parts of a musical instrument.

God created music he created it for us to be an access point to his presence

The essence of ZAMAR opens your soul

6. BARAK – to kneel. To bless God (as an act of adoration), to praise. To sauce. To think.

Psalm 56:6

O’ come let us worship and bow down; let us kneel (Barak) before the Lord our maker.

I will bless (Barak) the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth.

7. SHABACH – To address in a loud tone. To shout. To commend, glory, and triumph

One voice uniting with another voice ❤ The song becomes an anthem and the anthem becomes a HOLY ROAR ❤

The HOLY ROAR of PRAISE is God’s people lifting their voices

We praise in YADAH, HALAL, TEHILLAH, TOWDAH, ZAMAR, BARAK, and SHABACH,  that JESUS has defeated sin and death


A dislike of enthusiasm can be one of the greatest hinderances to revival

-Dr Martin Lloyd Jones – Welsh Theologian


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