35 Random facts about me

I decided to get a little personal today and create a list of random facts about myself. So here it is guys get to know me a little more! (hopefully you won’t think I’m too strange LOL)

Fact 1: Spanish was my first language growing up. I learned english going to school.

FAct 1
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Fact 2: Growing up I wanted to be an illustrator and author of children’s books.

Fact 2.jpg
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Fact 3: I love to paint and I used to draw really well when I was a kid. My favorite thing to draw was cartoon characters

Fact 4:  I am an organized messy person….if that makes sense??

Fact 5: I love my curly hair. Of course when I was younger I used to hate my curls and for a while had to go through a transition phase because I damaged my curls so badly from straightening my hair constantly.

Fact 6: I will ONLY straighten my hair once or twice a year!



Fact 7: I am NOT good with technology at all. I can barely figure out how to use the computer.

Fact 8: I love the old American big band/swing music era: Billy Holiday, Glenn Miller, Louie Armstrong, and Jimmy Durante just to name a few are my favorites.


Fact 9: One of my favorite songs from Glenn Miller is Moonlight Serenade (side note: super cheesy, I know, but when I play the song I make my husband stop what he’s doing and dance with me to that song….most of the time it’s in the kitchen)

Fact 10: I still can’t figure out snapchat to save my life!

Fact 11: I am obsessed with the Victorian Era. Any movies with Kings and Queens, I’m in!

Fact 12: When I was a kid I used to think in music videos they used to change out of their clothes really, really fast.

Fact 13:  I learned how to apply makeup by watching hours and hours of youtube videos.

Fact 14: The reason I got into wearing makeup was because I hated my nose for the longest time. I always said I was cursed with the Rivera beak LOL! As I got older, figured out the power of contour, and learned to love my self, I joke about the curse now. I like my snoze, it suits me.

Fact 15: I love Jesus!

FAct 15.jpg
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Fact 16:  A major pet peeve of mine is when I am holding the door for someone and walk through WITHOUT saying thank you! OMG that drives me insane so I always yell YA WELCOME!

Fact 17: I am a little OCD when it comes to decorating and colors.

Fact 18: I got married when I was 30, had my kids before marriage, and went to college in between. Yea I did it backwards……so what.

Fact 19: I am a firm believer in uplifting others, woman power all the way, and a judge free zone.

Fact 20: I am an extremely shy person, but once I get to know you I am super goofy.

Fact 21: I am also obnoxious, ask my husband.

obnoxious wife

Fact 22: I have a weird sense of humor. What “normally” would make someone laugh doesn’t make me laugh at all. Most of the time I laugh on the inside.

Fact 23: I like wearing men’s clothes and because of that most of the time my husband has to hide his stuff from me 😛

Fact 24: I am obsessed with my kids.


Fact 25: I always order a cheese burger whenever we go out to eat. I love, love, love french fries!

Fact 25.jpg
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Fact 26:  I love all kinds of music EXCEPT country…sorry.

Fact 27: I love Dr. Pimple Popper on youtube!

Fact 28: I am extremely proud of my Puerto Rican roots of Afro and Euro Latino heritage.

Fact 28.jpg

Fact 29: My favorite color is turquoise.

Fact 29.png
(google image)

Fact 30: I love to dance.

Fact 31: My family calls me Millie, my friends Meli, I’ve also been called Melis, but ONLY one person can call me Missy…you know who you are 🙂

Fact 32: I love 90s alternative rock music! My favorite alternative/rock band is Cold Play, Red Hot chilly Peppers, and Kings of Leon.


Fact 33: I have to listen to the Kings of Leon Station on Pandora when blogging.

Fact 34: I appreciate my mom so much. I love you mom.

 mom fact 1.jpgmom fact.jpg

Fact 35: My favorite movie as a kid was The Secret Garden.

last fact.jpg
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Hope you guys enjoyed these random facts about me! Do me a favor and list 1 random fact about you. I would love to get to know you better!  🙂


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2 thoughts on “35 Random facts about me

  1. I love sleeping, I love movies all kinds I actually own almos 200 movies I love collecting them my fav shows are friends and greys anatomy. I can watch friends over and over again and still laugh like it’s the first time watching it my altime fav, I learned English when I was 10 I went to ESL class! I always have a hard time picking clothes that look right so I always ask for opinion either my daughter or you milly lol.. I’m a big weirdo I Makeup weird dances just to see my kids and fincey laugh. I also baby talk idk why but my fiancéy cracks up every time I do it and I also give him the puppy look when I want something and hey it’s worked for 6 years I know it’s corney but hey anything to make him laugh 😆.. I always end a text or a comment with xoxoxo!!

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