LookBook: Capsule Wardrobe Essentials 10 items into 36 Day and Night looks

Here’s a capsule lookbook I created for you guys. I picked out 10 essential pieces from my closet and created 36 day and night looks! You can get away wearing these items for Spring, Summer, and Fall. Originally, the goal was to create 40 outfit looks, but I couldn’t think anymore after 36 :/ . If you are into the whole minimalist mindset and believe less is more than definitely try this out! Myself on the other hand I like more, which explains why my closet is about to explode any second now. I proven to myself  that I don’t need to bring 5 pairs of shoes, 6 jeans, and 7 tops for a weekend trip 😀 . Next trip I’ll for sure think on the less is more side LOL.


If you guys could pick only 10 essential items what would they be? Hope you guys enjoyed this lookbook!



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An artist at heart who loves to create and design. I simply want to share my ideas, thoughts, and images with the world. Come follow me. XOXO Mel

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