The Blazer

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Today I bring to you the Checkered Blazer! Blazers are such an awesome style staple! Let’s be real, it may have originated as a fashion piece for men only, but ladies I think we rock this must have piece better. Hence the fact we can pretty much get away with styling it any way our hearts desire. Pair it with any type of dress, shorts, athletic wear, jeans, a skirt, you name it! A blazer can make a great layering piece, substitute as wear outer wear, or make a statement with a funky patterned one to add to your wardrobe!

Let’s bring in the decade of the power suit-the 1980’s, shoulder pads, blue eye liner, feathered back hair, and lots of hair spray (just to name a few) was the norm. Femininity at it’s best, bold bright colors, and large buttons making girl power a force to be reckoned with. Introducing the blazer as an essential piece to women in the corporate world. I can remember as a little girl my mom rocking blazers super hard in the 90s. Shoulder pads at full force she looked like a boss. She had one in every color. I remember a magenta one with a black collar. If I could go back in time to raid her closet I would. She had so many great pieces growing up.

A great key item to have in your wardrobe that mixes masculinity and feminine appeal in the most perfect way. Here is my take on the blazer. I love to create an edgy look by mixing street style in my everyday wardrobe. What’s even better I found this one on sale at H&M for $15 bucks! I actually found another one at Good Will for no lie $2! Even though there was a minor catch. The shoulders of the blazer are just a little too wide for my liking, but nothing a good seamstress can’t fix.


Side note: the T-shirt and jeans are from Good Will…..SURPRISE SURPRISE! Originally when I bought the ‘T’ it was just black, but I wanted to add a little twist by bleaching it. I laid it out on my basement floor and went to town with the bleach, a few sprinkles here and there. I put it in the wash and it was ready to wear.


Anything will go great with the simple checkered pattern. You can mix it up with a bold print, a colored top, or keep it chic with a plain white blouse/’T’. The possibilities are endless with this staple piece.


In this look the blazer doubled as outerwear. I choose to style it with a bold T-shirt keeping the accessories simple with this beanie hat from my closet (purchased last year from Forever21). Adding splashes of red to make areas of the outfit pop, you can’t go wrong with a good pair of jeans, and red Steve Madden booties to tie the look together.


Hope you guys enjoyed this look!


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