Dress ‘dem Jeans

Hey Peeps!

How was everyone’s Resurrection Sunday/Easter celebration?! I loved mine, every second of it! Is it not awesome to know that we are forgiven? Yes it is! How blessed are we that he loves us that much? #thanksbigguy ❤ .

The Sunday weather only lasted a day :(. Snowy rain came and covered the ground Grrrr… I swear man only New England weather :/ . Thankfully, the Saturday before wasn’t bad. It was shooting day! I wonder if you guys are sick of me complaining about the weather forecast? Sorry, we all do here. I was inspired once again by Spring, bright colors, and dresses paired with jeans. Huh…exsqueeze me? Yes, you heard right. Dresses with jeans! Not sure how long this has been a “thing,” but it’s been one of my latest discoveries. Don’t judge me.

It’s definitely a great way to make your outfit more interesting. If you live in an area where mother nature can be a bit difficult this could work perfectly in your favor. You stay warm wearing the jeans and the dress is just an added bonus to look even more fabulous. Trust me, it’s a cute combo. I’ve tried it. Of course hubs thinks I’m just as nuts as mother nature has been, but thats ok when in doubt just do it who cares (not hefty real life decision making, of course…only fashion choices 😉 ).  I went on trusty good ol’ Pinterest and went hunting to find some inspiration around this “so-called trend.”  You can find anything on the pin and there it was. I knew I wasn’t crazy. It is “a thing” and I decided to try it!

I hit my closet to see what I could find. I didn’t purchase anything…..ok I’m fibbing a little. I found a cute fisherman hat in Macy’s for 10 dollas! It’s super cute! The hat went well with the dress and jeans I decided to pair it with. I reused my dress from one of my first blog posts Love Burgundy. I’m just a regular shemegular, don’t have el dinero to wear an outfit ONLY once. Nothing wrong with reusing items in your wardrobe. It’s fun to change it up a bit, and make a whole new outfit out of it.

So, I went with my burgundy polka dot wrap dress that I bought forever ago at RUE21. This time I paired it with my tan fisherman hat. I just love how tan and burgundy go together. These warm tones really compliment each other. I also paired my favorite light wash jeans from H&M, giving a nice contrast to the dress. Let’s not forget my white Steve Madden booties from SHOES.com. Adding the white booties gives that unexpected pop of color adding brightness and Spring casual vibes to the outfit. Totally loving this trend! I have a few dresses in mind to try with jeans! IMG-20180403-WA0007.jpg

Don’t mind my deodorant mark on my right bum 😛


Hope this look gave you guys some Spring inspo! What other Spring trends are you guys diggin’ right now? Let me know!

❤ Mel

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