Closet finds and Thrift store gems

Heeeeeeyyyyyy Girl,

My Spring fever is turned on at full force! I see sunshine, hear the birdies chirping, and I become one happy gal. Instant mood lift. With Spring here, as the weather gets warmer, the wardrobe also starts to change. I’ve done my fair share of shopping. I have periods where I buy a lot, kind of slow it down, and then try to make an excuse to continue to shop, but and it’s a BIG BUT….I shop “smarter” at the thrift store. Just a side note… I think this whole time I’ve been spelling thrift, thirft LOL. I just noticed that while writing. Thanks spell check.

So I’m in one of my shop at the thrift store moods right now. Instead of shopping for other items to pair with my thrift store goodies I shopped in my closet! You would be amazed what you can find in your closet when you really look. The “I have nothing to wear” speech, yea this girl right here…..GUILTY. I’m sure you ladies can relate, right? Lo and behold I do have clothes in my closet! Will that stop me from buying and my closet over flowing every 5 seconds? NOPE. But at least I can play it off to hubby that I am not going ham on the shopping.

What does it mean to go ham?

An acronym for Hard as a Motherf***er. Going ballistic on someone: flippin’ out on someone (without the ‘g’ ).  When a person is unstoppable or just in the zone in any type of sport or competition setting; it can also be defined as going crazy and buying up everything at the store.

So, there was your explanation on todays episode of slang with Meli LOL 😛 .

What I did find in my closet was a black floral body con midi dress (from Forever21) that I wore one time, years ago at a Gala. This dress I actually turned into a top. How? You may ask? Its super easy! I tucked the bottom of the dress into my pants. These stripped pants were such a great buy from Good Will for less than $5! I’m telling you with a little bit of patience and good hunting skills you will find some gems at Good Will or any thrift store. I’ve created  a “new” top, never worn before, and didn’t have to spend money on. BONUS!!!

Also in my closet I came across my very first pair and favorite pair of flat floral embroidered flat mules. I love my mules! You can pair them with anything and it goes perfectly. They are also an AWESOME dupe of the Gucci Princetown Embroidered Flat Mules. I got mine last summer from Marshalls’ for super mega cheap! Not to mention they are soooooo comfy too ❤ .


Gucci Black Princetown Floral Embroidered Leather Flat Mules $820
My Marshalls’ Dupe for less than $30201803277589120570019641982.jpg201803275254378161904674373.jpg201803272904156234727068503.jpg20180327321666188579720476.jpg201803272095743189547475180 (1).jpg20180327296704777756040793.jpg201803278291725266944699911.jpg

So remember ladies check a little harder in your closet next time you say you have nothing else to wear. I mean that goes for me too! Practice what you preach right! With a little imagination and help from a great thrift find you can make any “old” outfit look new again!


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