Track pants, the new jeans?

Hello Beauties!

Who is excited for Spring? I have had Spring fever since we entered March! We are so close to warmer weather I can’t flippin’ wait! It reached about 50 degrees today, sunny, and bright! Easter is also around the corner as well. Anyone doing anything special? We are doing the usual, getting our praise on at church of course, then having Easter dinner at my house with the fam. It’s actually our “first official” Easter dinner at our house. It’s weird, even as a kid I don’t really remember celebrating Easter like that. I remember going to church and that’s pretty much it.

I even went to Home Goods (freakin’ LOVE that store) to find some “cheap” Easter decor. Didn’t find much, but I found a few cutesy things like 2 center pieces for the table, a banner that reads Happy Easter for the dining room, and a wood carving that also read Happy Easter for the living room. I can literally do laps around that store like nothing. I am so obsessed, it’s not even funny. I will do date night at Home Goods with no shame (and have 😛 ) whether it’s purchasing something or window shopping. I’m like a kid in a candy store when I’m there. I can’t even LOL.

So besides my obsession with Home Goods I’m totally obsessing over these BOMB.COM track pants that I found at…..drum roll pleeeeeaaaaaaasssssseeeee………GOOD WILL! Yassssssssss, I did girl. They were less than $5 bucks too! I took an impulsive drive and found several diamonds in the rough there. It was a Hallelujah moment when I saw those track pants! Love at first sight, running in slow motion to them, then reaching for them like I was a single woman going towards the thrown bridal bouquet. Such aggression, but so much joy when they were in my hands.

I mean can we talk about these though, like seriously? They have that old school retro 90s vibe with the slight flared ends and open slits on the sides. They fit perfectly too (of course I washed them first), those bad boys fit like a glove. What’s so dope about them is the yellow and white stripe going down the sides of the pant legs. Which give it that pop of color that is so in, not to mention yellow is totally a Spring color! UGH super cute! I swear these track pants are the new jeans! They are so comfortable, so sporty, and dressing them up only takes a switch of a shoe. Rock a pair of heels and you good money like me and my friends say LOL.


To add more color to the look I added my Selena T-shirt (from Target). I love all the vibrant colors the T adds to the outfit. Not to mention my red round sunnies that I purchased from Lulus online. I wanted to add a white mock neck turtle neck for extra layering and warmth (from Forever21) along with my white heels (from Asos online). I am Spring ready! The 90s are back with small round frames, old school track pants, and Selenas!

XOXO Mel ❤

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2 thoughts on “Track pants, the new jeans?

  1. Love love love this look!! I seriously can not wait to sport this look!! I’m not big on wearing heals, but THIS is definitely and YESSS, I will be sporting this look, with confidence! Thanks to you!! 🤗😍


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